Where did Tropical Storm Bertha start?

Where did Tropical Storm Bertha start?

South Carolina
Bertha was a short-lived pre-season tropical storm that formed just off the coast of the southeast U.S. and made landfall in South Carolina.

When did Hurricane Bertha hit North Carolina?

Hurricane Bertha made landfall in southeastern North Carolina as a category 2 hurricane on July 12, 1996. Bertha’s wind speeds were measured as high as 116 mph at the Frying Pan Shoals tower off Cape Fear.

Where did Hurricane Bertha hit 2020?

United States
FloridaSouth Carolina
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How did Hurricane Bertha form?

Hurricane Bertha formed from a tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa on July 1st. By 8 p.m. July 5th, satellite imagery indicated the storm had developed into a Tropical Depression. These areas observed hurricane conditions resulting in moderate to severe damage.

Is Bertha a retired hurricane name?

It, too, was named Bertha. Unless they are retired, storm names are reused every six years. NASA image created by Jesse Allen, using data provided courtesy of the MODIS Rapid Response team.

Where did Tropical Storm Bertha make landfall?

At 4 p.m. July 12th, Hurricane Bertha finally made landfall between Wrightsville and Topsail Beaches in North Carolina. Maximum sustained winds were 90 knots (104 mph) with a minimum pressure of 974 mb at landfall.

Has there been a Hurricane Bonnie?

Hurricane Bonnie was a major hurricane that made landfall in North Carolina, United States, inflicting severe crop damage. A large and powerful cyclone, Bonnie moved ashore in North Carolina early on August 27, slowing as it turned northeast. …

What was the strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States?

Hurricane Camille of 1969 had the highest wind speed at landfall, at an estimated 190 miles per hour when it struck the Mississippi coast. This wind speed at landfall is the highest ever recorded worldwide.

How long did hurricane Bertha last?

July 5, 1996 – July 18, 1996
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