Where did the Northwest Coast tribe live?

Where did the Northwest Coast tribe live?

Historically, the Northwest Coast people inhabited a narrow belt of North American Pacific coastland and offshore islands from the southern border of Alaska to northwestern California. Their world stretched from Yakutat Bay, in the northeastern Gulf of Alaska, south to Cape Mendocino, in present-day California.

What type of house did the Northwest Tlingit people live in?

The Tlingits lived in rectangular cedar-plank houses with bark roofs. Usually these houses were large (up to 100 feet long) and each one housed several familes from the same clan (as many as 50 people.)

Where is Tlingit located?

southern Alaska
Tlingit, northernmost of the Northwest Coast Indians of North America, living on the islands and coastal lands of southern Alaska from Yakutat Bay to Cape Fox. They spoke the Tlingit language, which is related to Athabaskan.

What kind of houses did the northwest coast people live in?

Northwest Coast Indigenous peoples generally lived in large post-and-beam structures in the winter. Generally known as plank houses, these structures were covered by split cedar planks decorated in distinct regional styles. Cedar was of primary importance, as its long, straight grains were ideal for both artistic and functional woodworking.

Who are the indigenous people of the northwest coast?

The Northwest Coast cultural area, one of six contained in what is now Canada, is home to many Indigenous peoples, such as the Nuu-chah-nulth, Kwakwaka’wakw, Haida, Coast Salish and Haisla.

What was the Society of the northwest coast?

The Northwest Coast people never developed a democracy. Instead, their society was ruled by wealth. The wealthiest clan had the most power. Their society included different classes: nobles, commoners, and slaves (acquired through War or purchase).

What was the environment like on the northwest coast of Canada?

The environment of the Northwest Coast of Canada was very diverse, and often extreme. It included: All the people lived near the water, either the Pacific Ocean or an inland river or lake, and relied heavily on water for their survival. Salmon was the single most important food the Northwest Coast peoples, and the rivers were full of them.