Where can I search for case studies?

Where can I search for case studies?

Free Case Studies online

  • Business Case Studies by Company and also by Topic.
  • Case Place.
  • Journal of Business Case Studies.
  • MIT Sloan Management LearningEdge.
  • The New York Times Small Business Case Studies.
  • Yale School of Management.

What is project management case study?

Learn about the people behind the projects, the projects they deliver and the organisations raising the bar of project professionalism. We recognise what people can achieve through project management, and have been celebrating excellence in the profession for over 20 years.

Where can I read case studies for free?

Free case study websites

  • BusinessEthics.ca.
  • Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative — Case Studies.
  • Ethics Unwrapped.
  • Knowledge@Wharton.
  • Merlot OER Case Studies.
  • MIT LearningEdge Case Studies.
  • SHRM Case Studies (Human Resources)
  • World’s Best Case Studies.

How will you perform case studies of a project?

Of course, your case study approach depends on your personal style and goals, but I generally recommend these rules when creating your project pages.

  • Write down your case studies before you do almost anything else.
  • Keep it brief & caption everything.
  • Include the right details.
  • Give credit & explain your role.

How do I find case studies in Google Scholar?

If you look to the the top of any opinion’s page, you will see a link to the “How Cited” feature. This feature lists other cases in the Google Scholar database that either cite your case or are related to your case.

Where can I download case studies?

Some of these organizations provide free access to their case studies:

  • Acadia Institute of Case Studies.
  • Asian Business Case Centre.
  • Business Case Studies by Company.
  • Business Ethics Case Analyses.
  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety: Workplace Health Case Studies.
  • Case Centre.

How do I find case studies on Google?

Search for case studies by country in Google:

  1. Find the domain code of the country you want to search the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (For example, the domain code for the United Kingdom is “.UK”)
  2. Go to Google’s Advanced Search page.
  3. Enter your search words the in the top section titled Find web pages with…

Where can I find case study business?

Free & Open Business Case Studies

  • Arthur Andersen Case Studies in Business Ethics.
  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
  • MaRS Case Studies.
  • MIT – Sloan.
  • Open Case Studies – University of British Columbia.
  • Santa Clara University.
  • Ted Rogers Leadership Centre.

What are examples of case studies?

The Best Case Study Examples

  • Adobe: Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • BrightEdge: Stanley.
  • LeadGnome: Host Analytics.
  • Bitly: Vissla.
  • Taboola: The Line.
  • OutBrain: Lane Bryant.
  • Google Analytics: Optimizely.
  • LinkedIn: HubSpot.

Project Management Case Study Analysis. A project management case study analysis is essential in business and is the reason that MBA students must demonstrate their ability to write such a report. The success of failure of a project depends on the manner in which the project is handled by those in charge.

What is a project case study?

Case Study Project. The Case Study Project was a one-year programme developed by The Partnering Initiative in collaboration with the Alcan Prize for Sustainability and SEED (Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development) in 2005. The aims of the project were to: Provide insights into the process of successful cross-sector partnering.

What is the project case study?

Project case studies are a useful project management apparatus for documenting initiatives, programs, and strategy for future reference of the company and concerned entities. Instead of using hard-sell strategies on marketing your craft, let project case studies make the case for you.