When did George Melly die?

When did George Melly die?

July 5, 2007
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Is George Melly Still Alive?

Deceased (1926–2007)
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Where was George Melly born?

Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Where did George Melly live?

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Melly died aged 80 at his London home in 2007 from lung cancer and emphysema. He was born in Liverpool in 1926, and was educated at Stowe public school where his love of jazz began.

What did George Melly die of?

Lung cancer
George Melly/Cause of death
He died at his London home of lung cancer and emphysema (which he had for the last two years of his life) aged 80 on 5 July 2007. His humanist funeral was held at the West London Crematorium, in Kensal Green.

Was George Melly married?

Diana Moynihanm. 1963–2007
George Melly/Spouse
When jazz entertainer and writer George Melly married Diana Moynihan in 1963, he also acquired a step-daughter, Candy. Now 38, Candy is office manager for an enviromental company and lives in south London with her partner Mark Upton, 33, a website designer.

What instrument did George Melly play?


George Melly
Genres Jazz blues
Occupation(s) Lecturer, critic, writer
Instruments Singer
Years active 1946–2007

Who was George Melly and what did he do?

Alan George Heywood Melly (17 August 1926 – 5 July 2007) was an English jazz and blues singer, critic, writer, and lecturer. From 1965 to 1973 he was a film and television critic for The Observer and lectured on art history, with an emphasis on surrealism.

When did George Melly come back to jazz?

He returned to jazz in the early 1970s with John Chilton ‘s Feetwarmers, a partnership that ended in 2003. He later sang with Digby Fairweather ‘s band. He released six albums in the 1970s including Nuts in 1972 and Son of Nuts the next year.

Who was George Melly of Sudley House related to?

He was a relative of the philanthropist Emma Holt, of Sudley House, Liverpool; her sister had married Melly’s great-grandfather. Melly was an atheist.

When did George Melly get married to Victoria Vaughan?

Owning Up (1965) is George’s first-hand account of the professional jazz world of the 1950s, when the drinking was hard, the travel incessant and the sex easy. Under Mulligan’s influence, he developed a voluminous appetite for girls, and eventually got married in 1955, to Victoria Vaughan.