What two things does the erosion rate depend on?

What two things does the erosion rate depend on?

Both natural and human- caused factors affect the amount of erosion a stream may experience. Natural factors include the gradient (or steepness) of the streambed since that affects the speed of the flow of water. Rainfall and snowmelt affect the amount of water in a stream as well as the speed of the flow.

Which two factors determine the amount of erosion water causes?

Water and Wind Erosion The severity of water erosion is influenced by slope, soil type, soil water storage capacity, nature of the underlying rock, vegetation cover, and rainfall intensity and period.

What factors affect the rate of soil erosion?

The rate and magnitude of soil erosion by water is controlled by the following factors:

  • Rainfall and Runoff.
  • Soil Erodibility.
  • Slope Gradient and Length.
  • Cropping and Vegetation.
  • Tillage Practices.
  • Sheet Erosion.
  • Rill Erosion.
  • Gully Erosion.

What affects the rate of erosion?

The more erodible the soil, the greater the rate of erosion and the shorter the distance to maximum soil movement. Major factors that affect the amount of erosion are soil cloddiness, surface roughness, wind speed, soil moisture, field size, and vegetative cover.

What affects the rate of soil erosion?

Soil erosion is a very complicated problem to solve, because there are so many factors, which affect the rate of erosion. These factors include: rainfall, soil type, landscape, crops, and farm management.

How does erosion affect water systems?

Suspended sediment decreases the penetration of light into the water. This affects fish feeding and schooling practices, and can lead to reduced survival. Suspended sediment in high concentrations irritates the gills of fish, and can cause death.

What are the two things that affect the rate of weathering?

Rainfall and temperature can affect the rate in which rocks weather. High temperatures and greater rainfall increase the rate of chemical weathering.

How does the amount of surface water change over time?

Outflows from lakes and rivers include evaporation, movement of water into groundwater, and withdrawals by people. Humans get into the act also, as people make great use of surface water for their needs. So, the amount and location of surface water changes over time and space, whether naturally or with human help.

What happens to the land as a river flows?

Solution – When the water dissolves certain types of rocks, eg limestone. As the river flows, it erodes the land creating a valley with steep sides called a v-shaped valley. If the river meets more resistant rock it will flow around the rock.

How is the evaporation rate of water affected?

The evaporation rate is influenced by 1) The temperature of the water at the air-water surface 2) The humidity of the air

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