What three processes does water travel from the surface to the atmosphere?

What three processes does water travel from the surface to the atmosphere?

The water cycle consists of three major processes: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Evaporation is the process of a liquid’s surface changing to a gas. In the water cycle, liquid water (in the ocean, lakes, or rivers) evaporates and becomes water vapor.

How does water move from the atmosphere to Earth’s surface as rain snow and other forms of precipitation?

In the cool air, water vapor is more likely to condense from a gas to a liquid to form cloud droplets. Cloud droplets can grow and produce precipitation (including rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and hail), which is the primary mechanism for transporting water from the atmosphere back to the Earth’s surface.

What process moves water from oceans lakes and rivers into the atmosphere quizlet?

The water moves from one reservoir to another, such as from river to ocean, or from the ocean to the atmosphere, by the physical processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, runoff, and subsurface flow. In doing so, the water goes through different phases: liquid, solid (ice), and gas (vapor).

Which process of the water cycle involves the movement of water in the liquid state?

Evaporation, one of the major processes in the cycle, is the transfer of water from the surface of the Earth to the atmosphere. By evaporation, water in the liquid state is transferred to the gaseous, or vapour, state.

What process allows water into the atmosphere?

Transpiration is the loss of water from plants (via their leaves).

  • Animals excrete water by respiration and by passing urine.
  • Sublimation is when ice or snow transforms directly into water vapour without going through a liquid phase (i.e. they do not melt).
  • How does water from the oceans enters the atmosphere?

    Water at the surface of the ocean, rivers, and lakes can become water vapor and move into the atmosphere with a little added energy from the Sun through a process called evaporation . Snow and ice can also become water vapor through a process called sublimation. And water vapor gets into the atmosphere from plants by a process called transpiration .

    What causes water to evaporate into the atmosphere?

    The Sun’s energy causes water to evaporate from oceans and lakes into the atmosphere. Plants and animals also release water vapor into the atmosphere as they breathe. When the atmosphere cools, water vapor condenses; making clouds that might produce rain or snow.

    What is process put water into the atmosphere?

    Heat from the Sun causes water to evaporate from the surface of lakes and oceans. This turns the liquid water into water vapor in the atmosphere. Plants, too, help water get into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration! Water can also get into the atmosphere from snow and ice.