What Programmes has Lisa Faulkner been in?

What Programmes has Lisa Faulkner been in?

What programmes has Lisa Faulkner been in?

  • Dangerfield[Drama]…
  • Death in Paradise[Drama, 2011, ] Show times……
  • Holby City[Drama, ] Show times……
  • Holiday of My Lifetime with Len Goodman[Documentary]…
  • Home Sweet Home[Documentary]…
  • Honeymooner[Film, 2010, ]…

When was Lisa Faulkner in Holby?

In 1996, she appeared in And The Beat Goes On. Two years later, she played Louise Hope in the Channel 4 soap Brookside. Between 1999 and 2001, she played Dr Victoria Merrick in Holby City, before her character was stabbed to death in her own home by the father of a patient whose life she could not save.

What is Lisa Faulkner’s profession?

Television presenterCelebrity chefFilm actor
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How old is Lisa Faulkner?

49 years (February 19, 1972)
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When did Lisa Faulkner won Celebrity Masterchef?

Actress Lisa Faulkner won in 2010, she has since written three cookery books.

Who played Lisa in casualty?

Cathy ShiptonCasualty
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How tall is Lisa Faulkner?

5′ 5″
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How old is Gregg Wallace?

57 years (October 17, 1964)
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Is John and Lisa weekend kitchen filmed in their house?

The talented chef couple film their weekly ITV show John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen from their luxe home, which often shares glimpses into their homely kitchen and dining room.

What series was Lisa Faulkner in MasterChef?

Celebrity MasterChef
BBC One – Celebrity MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef Winners – Series 5: Lisa Faulkner.

Who was Lisa Faulkner in Casualty S9 E23?

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Lisa has also appeared in CASUALTY. In S9 E23, she plays surfer, Cassie Tolchard, who suffers chemical burns.

Who is Lisa Faulkner from murder in suburbia married to?

Lisa Faulkner was born on February 19, 1972 in Merton, London, England as Lisa Tamsin Faulkner. She is an actress and writer, known for Murder in Suburbia (2004), Burn It (2003) and EastEnders (1985). She has been married to John Torode since October 24, 2019.

Where did Lisa Faulkner live as a child?

Faulkner was born in Merton, London, to David Faulkner and Julie (née Day). She lived in Esher and was educated at Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames. When she was sixteen, her mother, Julie, died from throat cancer.

What kind of TV shows does Lisa Faulkner appear in?

Other notable roles Lisa Faulkner has held over her 27-year career include shows such as Spooks, Casualty and Holby City. More recently Lisa appeared in an episode of the Caribbean murder mystery series Death in Paradise as well as the series Murdoch Mysteries.