What planet has volcanoes on it?

What planet has volcanoes on it?

Based upon observations from Earth and from space vehicles, only four bodies in the solar system have confirmed volcanic activity. These are 1) Earth; 2) Io, a moon of Jupiter; 3) Triton, a moon of Neptune; and, 4) Enceladus, a moon of Saturn.

Is Venus volcanic?

Out of all planets in the solar system, Venus has the most volcanoes. Much of the planet is covered in volcanic deposits that are less than 300 million years old, and volcanic activity has played a pivotal role in its history.

Does every planet have volcanoes?

There are volcanoes all around our solar system. But only a few places besides Earth—like some of the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune—have active ones today. Use the Space Volcano Explorer to learn more about our solar system’s many volcanoes.

Do all planets have volcanoes?

Is there a lava planet?

There are no known lava worlds in the Solar System and the existence of extrasolar lava planets remains theoretical. Several known exoplanets are likely lava worlds, given their small enough masses, sizes, and orbits.

Is there volcanoes on Saturn?

Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are gas planets and have no solid surface. Therefore, they do not have volcanoes. Some of their moons may have ice volcanoes. Pluto is an icy planet and although we do not have sufficient images of its surface to say for sure, it is unlikely that it has volcanoes because it is too cold.

Which type of planet is most likely to have volcanoes?

The surface of Venus is dominated by volcanic features and has more volcanoes than any other planet in the Solar System. It has a surface that is 90% basalt, and about 65% of the planet consists of a mosaic of volcanic lava plains, indicating that volcanism played a major role in shaping its surface.

Which planet has the most volcanos?

– Volcanoes in the US. The US has the largest number of volcanoes totaling 173, and most of them are found in Alaska, where eruptions take place almost every year. – Russia. Russia is home to 166 volcanoes. – Indonesia. Indonesia has around 139 volcanoes. – Iceland.

What planets are known to have active volcanoes?


  • Io
  • Triton
  • Enceladus (moon of Saturn)
  • What planet has satellite with active volcanoes?

    Planetary scientists have no doubt that Jupiter’s moon Io is volcanically active. In fact, the satellite — which is about the size of our own moon — is the most volcanically active body in the