What kind of gas does a Johnson outboard take?

What kind of gas does a Johnson outboard take?

Unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87 is necessary; however, we recommend using an octane rating of 89, if possible, for best performance. During your initial break-in period you should use a 25:1 (double oil) mixture. See your owner’s manual for complete details or view our Break-In Chart on-line.

What gas should I use in an old outboard?

Tech Tip: The best solution with old outboards is to run straight gas – if you can find it. Some mechanics may also have the ability to “recalibrate” a carburetor to tolerate E10 (note: gas with ethanol greater than 10% should never be used with any boat engine).

Can I run 87 octane in my boat?

Personal boats can use the same type of gasoline as your vehicle, including unleaded (87 octane), mid-grade (octane 89), premium (octane 93), and diesel.

What fuel does a 2 stroke outboard use?

All petrol engine outboards, both 2-stroke and 4-stroke run on premium unleaded fuel. Incidentally, fuel will deteriorate over time. The most volatile components may evaporate depending on the storage conditions and this may lead to issues with starting at the beginning of the new season.

What octane is marine gas?

We now carry 93 octane “no ethanol” marine gas at the card lock service facility. No Ethanol Fuel for BoatsAbout Marine Gas – At Eli Roberts and Sons we are thankful to offer conventional (87 Oct) unleaded gasoline, commonly referred to as marine gas.

Are Johnson outboards any good?

“The Johnsons were by far the most reliable of all of the engines that we owned. They always started well, never, and I do mean never needed anything beyond routine maintenance…the 1976 70 hp Johnson I owned till last year, and it never gave problems.”

What is the best gas to use in a outboard motor?

Ethanol free fuel is the best option for marine engines, but E10 can still be used if necessary. The most likely time for fuel problems to occur is when you first begin using ethanol-blended fuel, because of phase separation.

Does 91 octane have ethanol?

According to Dan McTeague, a noted petroleum analyst, Shell and Esso 91 are both ethanol free. The octane rating of pure ethanol is 100, but when it’s blended with gasoline, it performs as if it’s 112. In other words, higher-octane blends — Petro Canada’s 94 and Esso’s 93 — use more ethanol, not less.