What is white flight school?

What is white flight school?

In the context of education, white flight refers to the trend of decreasing white student enrollments in poor-performing, inner-city public schools (Bankston and Caldas 2000; Crowder 2000).

What was an effect of white flight?

White flight has a significant effect on suburban and city environments. As the white population moves to the suburbs, they tend to bring with them wealth and funding. This, however, leaves cities with vacant funding which tends to lead to an increase of poverty and crime.

How did white flight affect education?

White flight allowed for continuous segregation in schools, since the white population was able to fund their suburban schools. The schools left behind with minorities are neglected, as shown in the political cartoon.

What did White flight mean?

: the departure of whites from places (such as urban neighborhoods or schools) increasingly or predominantly populated by minorities.

Why did cities have a higher percentage of minorities making up the total population in the 1950s?

Why did cities have a higher percentage of minorities making up the total population in the 1950s? White Americans were moving to the suburbs. All of the above (cities had problems with crime, desirable housing was hard to find in cities & rural areas were too far from most workplaces).

What was one effect of white flight?

What was the effect of the white flight?

The first effect of white flight was a decline in population in city centers and therefore a decline in tax revenue. Secondly, there was de facto segregation in schools. Quality of life declined for many people who lived in urban areas, and many cities saw an increase in urban blight.

Where did most of the white flight take place?

The most white flight took place when people of color, such as African Americans, moved from the southern United States to cities such as New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit. The primary driving factor behind white flight was fear and racism.

How did white flight affect the real estate market?

In areas where white flight happened, the property values dropped because the only people who wanted to move in had less money than those that left. With a downward market, neighborhoods rapidly shifted from middle- to lower-income families.

When did white flight start in St Louis?

This lesson gives you the history and effects of white flight, or the movement of white citizens from inner cities to outlying suburbs. Although the term is most closely linked with the 1970s, it was happening both before and after that period. Between 1970 and 1980, the city of St. Louis, Mo., lost more than a quarter of its population.