What is virtual table in database?

What is virtual table in database?

A virtual table is an object that presents an SQL table interface but which is not stored in the database file, at least not directly. The virtual table mechanism is a feature of SQLite that allows SQLite to access and manipulate resources other than bits in the database file using the powerful SQL query language.

What is meant by vtable?

A virtual method table (VMT), virtual function table, virtual call table, dispatch table, vtable, or vftable is a mechanism used in a programming language to support dynamic dispatch (or run-time method binding).

How does a vtable work?

For every class that contains virtual functions, the compiler constructs a virtual table, a.k.a vtable. The vtable contains an entry for each virtual function accessible by the class and stores a pointer to its definition. Only the most specific function definition callable by the class is stored in the vtable.

When was virtual table created?

The vtable is created at compile time. When a new object is created during run time, the hidden vtable pointer is set to point to the vtable.

What is the purpose of a virtual table?

The virtual table is a lookup table of functions used to resolve function calls in a dynamic/late binding manner. The virtual table sometimes goes by other names, such as “vtable”, “virtual function table”, “virtual method table”, or “dispatch table”.

Which is called virtual table?

In MySQL, a ‘View’ is also called a virtual table. It does not contain any data but only appears as a table. It is an alternative way to show or describe a table similar to the original table.

What is vTable and VPTR?

# Vtable is created by compiler at compile time. # VPTR is a hidden pointer created by compiler implicitly. # If base class pointer pointing to a function which is not available in base class then it will generate error over there. # Memory of Vtable and VPTR gets allocated inside the process address space.

What is vTable and vPointer?

vTable is a kind of function pointer array that contains the addresses all virtual functions of this class. Compiler builds this vTable at compile time. vPointer: Now for every object of a class that has a vTable associated with it, contains a vPointer in first 4 bytes. This vPointer points to the vTable of that class.

What is vtable and VPTR?

What is vtable and vPointer?

What is true about virtual tables?

The virtual table is actually quite simple, though it’s a little complex to describe in words. A virtual table contains one entry for each virtual function that can be called by objects of the class. Each entry in this table is simply a function pointer that points to the most-derived function accessible by that class.

What is virtual function table FT?

The virtual table is a lookup table of functions used to resolve function calls in a dynamic/late binding manner. Vtables are used for virtual functions. Its a short form for Virtual Function Table. It’s a static table created by the compiler.

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