What is the value of an old Victrola record player?

What is the value of an old Victrola record player?

Original Mint Condition The condition of a Victrola often determines its value as an antique. According to Victor-Victrola.com, a VV-XI left exposed in an unfinished attic space is worth around $100-$150, while a Victrola of the same model in mint condition sells for over $750.

How much is a 1928 Victrola worth?

The original 1928 selling price of the 4-20 was $135.00, which equates to approximately $2,000.00 in today’s money. An estimated total of 34,000 Victrola 4-20’s were produced. Electric-motor versions (VE 4-20) were available for $35.00 extra. An estimated total of 2,350 electrically powered VE 4-20’s were made.

What speed are old Victrola records?

78 RPM
ANSWER: Victors and Victrolas will play any laterally-cut 78 RPM record. This would include most flat shellac records, with the exception of some early Edison and Pathe discs, which used a vertical cutting method.

Is Victrola a good record player?

Yes, they are. Their record players are very competitive and are known to have a lot of features combined with great design. Aside from that, their units also have great overall sound quality that can be difficult to find amongst other brands with the same price range as them.

When was the first Victrola made?

History of Victrola Victrola, one of the leading turntable manufacturers, was born in 1906 in Camden, NJ when first introduced to the American public by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

How do you determine the value of old 78 Victor Records?

However, even the most comprehensive price guides only have information about moderately popular records or those in demand by collectors. Because of this and other factors, consulting an expert or collector is the best way to determine the value of old 78 Victor records.

How much is an old Victrola phonograph worth?

Nice Victors can range in price from $500 up to well over $5000 depending on model and condition. There are rare Victor and Victrola phonographs that sell well into the tens of thousands of dollars, but these are few and far between, and require a detailed appraisal to determine actual value.

How big is a RCA Victrola record player?

EDISON Wind-up console record player together EDISON Wind-up console record player together with Columbia console wind-up record player and an oak table model RCA Victor victrola. Largest: 44 3/4″ Victrola phonograph with oak case. 14″h.x16″w.x19.75″d.

What’s the value of a vintage vinyl record?

It should not surprise you to learn that there is no one single formula for a vintage record’s value. They are a collector’s item, meaning that value can be subjective, with multiple factors contributing to their price-point.