What is the state of Michigan flower?

What is the state of Michigan flower?

Apple Blossom
Michigan/State flower
The apple blossom, the symbol of springtime beauty and the bounty of Michigan’s orchards and agricultural lands, has been the official State Flower since its adoption April 28, 1897, by the Legislature.

What represents the state of Michigan?

The elk and moose are symbols of Michigan, while the eagle represents the United States. More about the State Stone: Petoskey Stones are fossilized colony corals (Hexagonaria percarinata). Their origin is traced back to Devonian seas that covered Michigan’s Lower Peninsula about 350 million years ago.

Does every state have a state tree?

Each one of the 50 US states has a designated state tree. Every state trees are native and thrive in that state, except Hawaii’s state tree (originally from Asia).

What state has the same state flower and tree?

for All Fifty States

Alabama Montgomery Southern Pine Picea sitchensis Camellia Camellia sp.
Alaska Juneau Sitka Spruce Pinus palustris Forget-me-not Myosotis scorpioides
Arizona Phoenix Paloverde Cercidium floridum Saguaro cactus Carnegiea gigantea
Arkansas Little Rock Pine Pinus echinata Apple blossom

What is the state insect of Michigan?

monarch butterfly
— An effort is taking wing in Lansing to designate the monarch butterfly as Michigan’s official state insect. Legislation giving the monarch butterfly official status in Michigan is as predictable as the insect’s annual winter migration to central Mexico.

What kind of green is Michigan State?

Green and white are recognized as Michigan State’s official university colors, and Spartan green is iconic. It provides an immediate and powerful emotional connection to the university and to our proud history and uncommon will to empower an extraordinary future. Think “Go Green!”

What shade of blue is Michigan?

Color Codes of Michigan Wolverines in RGB, CMYK, Pantone and HEX

Color Name RGB Color Code Pantone Color Code
Blue (0, 39, 76) PMS 282 C
Maize (255, 203, 5) PMS 7406 C

What is Michigan’s State Flower and why?

To sum up, Apple Blossoms or Pyrus coronaria or Malus coronaria is the state flower of Michigan that symbolizes distinctive beauty and also the spirit of the state that makes it as the state flower of Michigan.

What is the official state animal of Michigan?

Michigan’s state animal is the white-tailed deer. The white-tailed deer became the state animal after a group of fourth-graders campaigned to include it as an official state symbol in 1997. This animal provided for settlers and Native Americans throughout the history of Michigan.

What is the state of Michigans bird?

Michigan selected the American Robin as the official state bird of Michigan in 1931. Robins are beautiful colored birds. Robins areconsidered as one of America’s beloved songbirds. The early settlers named these birds “Robins”.

What is the symbol of Michigan?

The elk and moose are symbols of Michigan, while the bald eagle represents the United States. The design features three Latin mottos. From top to bottom they are: On the red ribbon: E Pluribus Unum , “Out of many, one,” a motto of the United States.