What is the second biggest nebula?

What is the second biggest nebula?

List of the largest nebulae

Nebula Maximum dimension (in light-years/parsecs) Notes
N44 1,000 ly (310 pc)
N11 1,000 ly (310 pc)
NGC 2404 940 ly (290 pc) Largest H II region located in spiral galaxy NGC 2403
NGC 595 880 ly (270 pc)

Where is 30 Doradus located?

RA 5h 38m 38s | Dec -69° 5′ 42″
Tarantula Nebula/Coordinates

What are the names of all the nebulae?

List of planetary nebulae Name NGC Other designation Date discovered Constellation Glowing Eye or Dandelion Puffball NGC 6751 Aquila NGC 6210 Hercules Bow-Tie Nebula NGC 40 Caldwell 2 1788 Cepheus Ghost of Jupiter NGC 3242 1785 Hydra

How are diffuse nebulae different from other nebulae?

After all, diffuse nebulae are not just clouds of gas and dust in space in which stars are born, but another type called planetary nebula are those places created when a star reaches its final evolutionary state, and changes from a red giant to a white dwarf, in the process shedding its outer layers of gas to form a planetary nebula.

Which is the least complex nebula in the universe?

Located just 7.5 degrees away from the Pole Star, this is one of the least complex planetary nebulae known, with an almost perfectly spherical morphology. The progenitor star appears to have been an asymptotic red giant, the remains of which can be seen even with modest amateur equipment.

What kind of Nebula is a protoplanetary nebula?

A protoplanetary nebula (PPN) is an astronomical object at the short-lived episode during a star’s rapid stellar evolution between the late asymptotic giant branch (LAGB) phase and the following planetary nebula (PN) phase.