What is the population of Minneapolis 2021?

What is the population of Minneapolis 2021?

The current metro area population of Minneapolis in 2021 is 2,946,000, a 0.68% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Minneapolis in 2020 was 2,926,000, a 0.65% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Minneapolis in 2019 was 2,907,000, a 0.62% increase from 2018.

What percentage of Minneapolis is black?

Black or African American: 18.6% American Indian: 2.0% Asian: 5.6% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%

What is the population of the Twin Cities area?

3.4 million residents
The two we know as the Twin Cities, and it’s the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area that has more than 3.4 million residents. This population of 3.4 million is based on the 2010 Census, but new census information shows the Twin Cities area has gained another 60,000 people, with Minneapolis leading the growth.

How large is Saint Paul?

56.2 mi²
Saint Paul/Area

What is the largest ethnic group in Minnesota?

Ancestry. Over 85.0% of Minnesota’s residents are of European descent, with the largest reported ancestries being German (38.6%), Norwegian (17.0%), Irish (11.9%), Swedish (9.8%), and Central Europe/ Eastern Europe.

What was the original capital of Minnesota?

St. Paul
Minnesota became a U.S. territory on March 3, 1849. After much debate, the new territorial government chose St. Paul as the permanent capital city. The first capitol building was completed in 1853 and served as the seat of Minnesota’s territorial and early state government until it burned in 1881.

What is the capital city of Minnesota?

Saint Paul

Is Minneapolis a good city to live in?

Minneapolis is in Hennepin County and is one of the best places to live in Minnesota. Living in Minneapolis offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Minneapolis there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Minneapolis and residents tend to be liberal.

How many PPL live in USA?

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are 247,813,910 adults living in the United States. The total population was estimated at 321,418,820 people, with 77.1 percent of those people being over 18.

How many people live in Minneapolis?

In July 2013, it was estimated at the Minneapolis population had reached 393,000, up from the 2010 Census population of 382,578. This means Minneapolis ranks 47th in the United States in terms of population, and it has a density of 7,019 people per square mile (2,710/square kilometer).

What are facts about Minneapolis?

Minneapolis, located on the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota, is the largest city in the state. It and adjacent St. Paul were dubbed “the Twin Cities” by Mark Twain . St. Anthony Falls, the only waterfall on the Mississippi River, supplied electricity for dozens of Minneapolis flour and lumber mills built in the late 19th century.