What is the population of Bidar in 2020?

What is the population of Bidar in 2020?

Population of Bidar in 2020 is 563,929 Literate people are 304,634 out of 170,875 are male and 133,759 are female. Total workers are 177,254 depends on multi skills out of which 123,926 are men and 53,328 are women.

What is the population of Bidar district 2021?

Bidar district
Highest elevation 715 m (2,346 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 1,703,300
• Estimate (2021) 1,927,828

What is the old name of Bidar?

Mohammedabad old name of Bidar is also on his name. It was connected to Hyderabad by rail in the early 20th century. After India’s independence, in 1956 all Kannada speaking areas were merged to form the Mysore State and Bidar became part of the new Mysore (now Karnataka) state.

Why is Bidar famous?

Bidar city is known for its Bidri handicraft products, and its rich history. Bidar is also considered one of the holiest place for Sikh pilgrimage. Unlike other places in the region, Bidar is the coldest and wettest place in north Karnataka.

How many Muslims are in Gulbarga?

Islam is second most popular religion in city of Gulbarga with approximately 37.29 % following it….Gulbarga Religion 2011.

Description Total Percentage
Hindu 323,803 59.62 %
Muslims 202,552 37.29 %
Christian 2,835 0.52 %
Sikh 350 0.06 %

Who destroyed Bidar fort?

Nawab Mir Sa’id Muhammad Khan (also known as Salabath Jung), who was the third son of Asaf Jah I (the first Nizam of the dynasty), ruled from Bidar fort from 1751 to 1762, till his brother Mir Nizam Ali Khan, also known as Asaf Jah II, imprisoned him and later killed him in the fort on 16 September 1763.

Who was the founder of Bidar Kingdom?

Qasim Barid
Bidar Sultanate The dynasty was founded by Qasim Barid, who served as Prime Minister of the Bahmani Sultanate.

Who is the present DC of Bidar?

Deputy Commissioner’s Office

Name Designation Address
Smt. Garima Panwar I.A.S Assistant Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Office, Bidar
Dr Rudresh S Ghali Addl. Deputy Commissioner C/o Deputy Commissioner Office, Bidar
Shri Ramachandran R​, IAS Deputy Commissioner DC office, Bidar

Which caste in India has highest population?

Share of caste demographics India 2019 As of 2019, Other Backward Class (OBC) constituted the largest part of the Indian population accounting for more than 40 percent.

How old is Bidar fort?

There are over 30 monuments inside Bidar fort….

Bidar Fort
Built 15th Century CE
Built by Ala-ud-din Bahman of Bahamani Dynasty in 1424
Materials Laterite and lime mortar

What is the population of Bidar district in Karnataka?

Bidar district of Karnataka has total population of 1,703,300 as per the Census 2011. Out of which 870,665 are males while 832,635 are females. In 2011 there were total 319,937 families residing in Bidar district. The Average Sex Ratio of Bidar district is 956 .

What was the population of Bidar in 2011?

As per the Census 2011 out of total population of Bidar, 25.01% people lived in urban regions while 74.99% in rural areas. The total figure of population of urban population was 425,952 out of which 219,415 were males while remaining 206,537 were females.

What is the sex ratio of Bidar district?

The total Bidar district population living in rural areas is 1,277,348 of which males and females are 651,250 and 626,098 respectively. In rural areas of Bidar district, sex ratio is 961 females per 1000 males.

Which is the first capital of Bidar district?

The first Rashtrakuta capital was Mayurkhandi (Morkhandi) in the present day Bidar district. The regal capital was later moved to Manyakheta (Malkhed) in the present day Kalaburagi district by Amoghavarsha I.