What is the poem Huswifery about?

What is the poem Huswifery about?

“Huswifery,” written by the devout Puritan pastor Edward Taylor, is a deeply religious poem that reflects on humanity’s relationship with God. The speaker presents obedience and total trust in God’s will as the way of best doing that work—and, in turn, of being part of God’s glory.

What is the speaker asking for in Huswifery?

Essentially, the speaker of the poem “Huswifery” is asking God to make him His instrument. In the first stanza, the speaker uses imperatives to show God what he is willing to do for Him.

What kind of activities does Huswifery describe?

In “Huswifery,” Edward Taylor uses the activity of spinning thread on a loom as a metaphor for how he wants God to work in his life. He asks God to make him a “spinning wheel complete,” meaning that he wants God to use him to do his bidding and spread his message through his words and actions.

What does the title Huswifery mean?

What does huswifery mean? Care and management of a household. Only $47.88/year. What is this poem about? The poem is about trying to be closer with God, and being used by God.

What does the apparel at the end of Huswifery stand for?

What does the apparel at the end of “Huswifery” stand for? God’s grace. Only $35.99/year. What is the best reference to everyday objects typical of the Puritan Plain Style? The spinning wheel in “Huswifery”

Who is the speaker in the poem if who is the speaker addressing?

In Rudyard Kipling’s piece of didactic poetry “If,” he is speaking to his only son, John. In the poem, he addresses his son as “you,” while he provides instruction on becoming a man of virtue. He teaches his son how to act in a variety of situations, and how to treat people from all walks of life.

Who did the speaker address meaning?

It means that to whom the speaker is talking to. It primarily concerns with the person, the speaker is communicating with. This conversation is already closed by Expert.

What does the speaker in Huswifery say that he wants to be clothed with?

In the final stanza, the poem makes the purpose of the metaphor clear. The speaker wants to be clothed in God’s cloth, to serve God and express God’s will in everyday life. Achieving this will bring glory to the speaker, and in turn glorify God too.

Who is the weaver in the poem Huswifery?

It is God himself whose “fine” yarn will weave what will eventually become “Holy robes for glory” to be worn by the speaker, an indication that he has become a more understanding, compassionate, and valuable Christian.

Was Edward Taylor a Puritan?

Edward Taylor was an American Puritan poet and minister of the Congregational church at Westfield, Massachusetts for over 50 years. Considered one of the more significant poets to appear in America in the 17th and 18th centuries, his fame is the result of two works, the Preparatory Meditations …

Who is the author of the poem Huswifery?

A LitCharts expert can help. “Huswifery” is poem written around 1685 by the Puritan preacher Edward Taylor. The poem is addressed directly to God, making it at once a kind of plea and prayer.

What kind of meter does Huswifery poem use?

“Huswifery” reflects Taylor’s strong religious beliefs. Meter/Form: The poem consists of three six-line stanzas of iambic pentameter, rhymed ABABCC. You might discuss Taylor’s use of assonance and rhythmical variations in this section, and then cover more details about the stanzaic form.

What did Huswifery ask God to use him for?

In the second, he furthers his metaphor, refering to other parts of a loom, asking god to use him, as well as states his pleasure in the will of god. He also asks god to dress him in the glory of heaven to assist with his missionary works. Hover for more information.

Why does Huswifery use Medaphor of a loom?

So far in my anylization of the poem, in the first stanza, the author uses a medaphor of a loom to his faith possibly asking god to apply the necessary means for him to be a missionary to his best ability for god.