What is the No 1 school in the world?

What is the No 1 school in the world?

QS World University Rankings 2020 – Top 10
2020 Rank 2019 Rank University
1 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2 2 Stanford University
3 3 Harvard University

What is the smartest school in the world?

These are the top global universities of 2022.

  • Harvard University.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Stanford University.
  • University of California—Berkeley.
  • University of Oxford.
  • Columbia University.
  • University of Washington.
  • University of Cambridge.

What is the most difficult school?

Top 10 Hardest Colleges to Get Into

School Location Acceptance Rate
1. Columbia University New York City, NY 3.9%
2. Stanford University Stanford, CA 3.9%
3. Harvard University Cambridge, MA 4.0%
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 4.1%

What is the highest school in the world?

A small residential school in the town of Phumachantang, Tibet, holds the Guinness World Record for the highest school in the world. The school was located at an altitude of 5022 m (16,476 ft) and was functional until August 2017. At the time of its closing, the school had more than 100 students and six teachers.

Which is the strangest school in the world?

Strangest Schools in the World: 1. Witch School: The Witch School is located in Salem, Massachusetts and was founded by rev. Ed Hubbard. The school generally offers courses online but few opt to learn physics in the college. Also, the school teaches the essentials of witchcraft and their belief system.

Which is the most boring job in the world?

2. Security Guard especially the night guards: Sitting awake whole night like an owl and guarding the building or colony against the trespassers is the most boring job in the world. It is very hard to resist waking up at night especially when the whole world is fast asleep, sleep is even more provoked.

Which is the most absurd school in the world?

15 Most Absurd Schools And Education Systems In The World! 1. Papua New Guinea. In many parts of the world, students have to wear a special uniform and in some other parts, they… 2. India. In India, worried fathers climb on the walls of schools to help their children during their exams. This… 3.

Is it impossible to find a school in the world?

It is almost impossible to find a school because of the frequent military operations. However, the cold face of the war is still not enough to deter students from keeping up with education. Education goes on full speed, even in destroyed schools. Students looking at their destroyed schools. And the cold face of the war again… 11. Texas, USA