What is the name of Postman Pats pet cat?

What is the name of Postman Pats pet cat?

Postman Pat and his black and white cat, Jess, in the original series.

Does Postman Pat have a dog?

Bonnie is a very lively fun loving West Highland Terrier. She is great friends with Jess and the two love to run around chasing each other whenever they meet.

How old is Postmanpat?

Postman Pat is 30! It’s Postman Pat’s 30th birthday today! It seems he’s been around as long as the dales, but it was early in the morning (just as day was dawning) on this day in 1981 that he first set off in his little red van.

Where is Greendale’s Pat?

Greendale, the village where Postman Pat delivers his mail, may be a model but it’s based on Longsleddale near Kendal. The narrow, twisting roads and sheep frequently featuring in storylines are a giveaway that it’s Cumbria. Postman Pat’s creator, John Cunliffe, dreamed up the stories while he lived in Kendal.

Is Postman Pats cat a girl or boy?

Characters. Jess – the protagonist and host of the series. He is a young, curious black and white cat with green eyes, from the CBeebies series Postman Pat. He was voiced by Charlie George.

What is Mrs Goggins dog called?

Later, Mrs. Goggins took in a lost dog and called her Bonnie. She once took over control of the sorting office in Pencaster, whilst Ben was going to play the Blue Flash at Greendale School.

What is Goggins first name?

Bonnie Goggins (Series 4-present) — Mrs Goggins’ white West Highland Terrier. Voiced by Melissa Sinden.

Who is Postman Pat’s wife?

Sara Clifton

Sara Clifton
Occupation: Station Cafe Worker (Greendale Railway Station)
Residence: Greendale
Hair colour: Brown
Family: Pat Clifton (husband) Julian Clifton (son)

Does Postman Pat have a son?

Patrick “Pat” Clifton, known to his friends as Postman Pat, is the main character of the series. He is the village postman for Greendale and the head postman for the Special Delivery Service in Pencaster. Pat lives at Forge Cottage in Greendale with his wife Sara and son Julian, who is six years old.

What is the name of Postman Pats wife?

What is the name of Postman Pat’s Cat?

Jess is Postman Pat ‘s cat who always comes with him on his post rounds.

What kind of person is Jess from Postman Pat?

Jess can be a little bit of a mischeivious scamp, but for Pat, life would not be the same without him. Jess can also be very intelligent and sometimes, Pat thinks that maybe Jess is actually the brains of the outfit. Jess has appeared with Pat in every episode of Postman Pat except for Postman Pat in a Muddle .

Who is the voice of Postman Pat in Muddle?

“Postman Pat in a Muddle” is the only episode Jess does not feature in. In the Woodland episodes, Jess’ meowing sounds were just recordings of proper cats, but in the later episodes, his vocals have been provided by a voice artist. Ever since the episodes were animated by Cosgrove Hall, Jess has worn a little red collar.

Who was the original singer of Postman Pat?

The theme tune “Postman Pat & His Black and White Cat” was sung by Ken Barrie for the original series in the 1980s and ’90s. An extended version of the tune was released as a single in the UK where it reached number 44 in the charts in July 1982.