What is the mixing ratio for a YZ85?

What is the mixing ratio for a YZ85?

The manual suggests 30:1 fuel/oil.

Is a YZ85 a 4 stroke?

ENGINE. The 85cc liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine features the Yamaha Power Valve System for broad power across the rev range without losing peak power at high rpms—improving rideability and reducing the need for frequent shifting.

How much oil does YZ85 take?

5.9 litres (1.3 imp. gal.)

How do you mix gas and oil on a YZ85?

Use 2-stroke oil @ 30:1 fuel oil ratio. During running-in period, fuel oil ratio of 15:1 is recommended.

How much money is a 2021 YZ85?

2021 Yamaha YZ85 • $4,699.

How many gears does a YZ 85?

The Yamaha YZ85 is a motorcycle designed specifically for off-road and Motorcross racing. It is powered by an 84.7 cc single-cylinder, water-cooled, two-stroke, reed valve inducted engine and uses a 6-speed, constant-mesh, manual gearbox; with a multi-plate, wet-clutch.

What makes a Yamaha yz85x a good bike?

Congratulations on your purchase of the Yamaha YZ85X. This model is the result of Yamaha’s vast experience in the pro- duction of fine sporting, touring, and pacesetting racing machines. It represents the high degree of craftsmanship and reli- ability that have made Yamaha a leader in these fields.

When did the yz85x owner’s manual come out?

EAU10192 YZ85X OWNER’S MANUAL ©2007 by Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. 1st edition, April 2007 All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. is expressly prohibited.

How much oil should I mix in my 85cc bike?

You will want to mix 8 oz. of oil to 1 gallon of gas. Or get yourself a Ratio Rite and use the scale on it. You could probably drop down to about 6-7 oz. of oil, but like I said before, an 85cc bike really benefits from the extra oil to gas ratio and you will get a much longer top end life.