What is the difference between IMA and FMA in Citrix?

What is the difference between IMA and FMA in Citrix?

The Independent Management Architecture (IMA) used by XenApp 6.5 and earlier versions is a mesh architecture. The Flexcast Management Architecture (FMA) used by XA/XD 7. x on the other hand consolidates all brokering functionalities to the Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC).

How do I check my IMA Service in Citrix?

Open the ODBC control panel on the server. Locate the IMADirectory Data Source name under the file or system DSN tab. Highlight the IMADirectory and select the Configure tab. Note the path and database file; for example, C:\program files\citrix\Independent Management Architecture\imalhc.

How do I restart Citrix IMA service?

If the issue with SQL Login follow the below steps.

  1. Stop IMA and Use another account in mf20 DSN file and start IMA.
  2. dsmaint config /dsn:”c:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\mf20.dsn”
  3. Restart IMA.
  4. Open AppCenter to verify if it works.
  5. Follow the same for all servers.

What is FMA Citrix?

The FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) is a service-oriented architecture that allows interoperability and management modularity across Citrix technologies. FMA provides a platform for application delivery, mobility, services, flexible provisioning, and cloud management.

What is the Citrix ICA client?

Description: Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Web Client is a virtualization server environment, also known as a `server based computing protocol that allows remote access to users`. You use Receiver to centrally configure, manage, and update the technology, such as ICA, installed on the device.

What are Citrix services?

Citrix Provisioning Services (Citrix PVS) is a software-streaming technology that delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image.

How do I start an IMA service?


  1. Stop the mfcom.exe service using the Task Manager.
  2. Execute the following commands: Dsmaint recreatelhc. Dsmaint recreaterade.
  3. Start the IMA Service and MFCOM Service.

What is ICA protocol?

Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is a proprietary protocol for an application server system, designed by Citrix Systems. The protocol lays down a specification for passing data between server and clients, but is not bound to any one platform.

What are Citrix components?

The core components are the Citrix Delivery Controller, Citrix Studio, Citrix Director, and Citrix License Server.

What is a Citrix ICA file?

An ICA file is an Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) file used by Citrix application servers. ICA files allow users to connect to remote virtual desktops so the user’s computer does not need the applications to be installed locally.

Does Citrix still use ICA protocol?

Most virtual channels that Citrix provides operate unmodified when you use the Citrix Workspace app for Windows within an ICA session (also known as a pass-through session).

What is Citrix gateway service?

Citrix Gateway service provides secure, remote access to all of your apps through Citrix Workspace, whether they are SaaS or on-premises web apps. For web applications, you will install a lightweight Cloud Gateway Connector that allows access to those applications that are deployed on premises.

What do you need to know about IMA Citrix?

What is IMA Citrix? Independent Management Architecture is: A data store, which is a database for storing MetaFrame XP server configuration information, such as published applications, total licenses, load balancing configuration, MetaFrame XP security rights, and printer configuration. Click to see full answer.

Where is the end process in Citrix IMA?

This is as good as opening Task Manager, right-clicking the process and choosing “End Process”. This tab displays information for IMA/MFCOM services, along with farm details. All the data is gathered locally, this only shows information that is available to the local server.

What does independent Management Architecture ( IMA ) do?

Independent Management Architecture (IMA) provides the framework for server communications and is the management foundation for MetaFrame Presentation Server. IMA is a centralized management service comprised of a collection of core subsystems that define and control the execution of products in a server farm.

What is the port for IMA startup mode?

• IMA Startup Mode: IMA Service Startup Mode. • IMA Port: Inter-server communication port in use for IMA. • IMA AAC Port: Console (DSC, AppCenter) communication port for IMA. • MFCOM Service Status: Current status of the MFCOM Service.