What is the difference between 1987 and 1995 constitution of Ethiopia?

What is the difference between 1987 and 1995 constitution of Ethiopia?

1931 was the first written constitution in the history of the country,and revised in 1955 with in the same regime.In 1987 the new constitution was established by another regime. The 1995 Constitution of Ethiopian is a new constitution that come up with Federalism in Ethiopia.

What is the characteristic of 1987 constitution?

The Constitution guaranteed all manner of civil rights and personal freedoms, such as freedom of speech, the press, religion, movement, assembly, and association. Citizens also had the right to a fair trial and a free education. In practice, the government paid almost no attention to these freedoms.

Why was the 1955 Ethiopian constitution revised?

Finally, in 1955 he proclaimed a revised constitution. Apparently, he sought to provide a formal basis for his efforts at centralization and to attract the loyalty of those who gained their livelihood from relatively modern economic activities or who were better educated than most Ethiopians.

Who wrote 1931 Ethiopian Constitution?

Tekle Hawariat
To educate them on constitutional theory, he called the leading members of both groups to an assembly where its principal author, Tekle Hawariat, delivered a lengthy speech which not only described the contents of the document, but expounded a theory of constitutional law.

Why was the 1931 Constitution written?

The constitution was essentially an effort to provide a legal basis for replacing the traditional provincial rulers with appointees loyal to the emperor. It was not intended to be a representative democracy, as the Emperor alone had the power to designate senators.

Who wrote the 1931 constitution?

The 1931 Constitution, which was Ethiopia’s first written constitution in its three thousand year history, had been introduced by Haile Selassie as a contract between himself and the Ethiopian people.

When did the Constitution of Ethiopia come into effect?

Ethiopia has had four constitutions : 1931 Constitution of Ethiopia. 1955 Constitution of Ethiopia. 1987 Constitution of Ethiopia. 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia. A proposed revision of the 1955 constitution was released in 1974, but it had no legal effect, and was soon forgotten in the events of the Ethiopian Revolution .

How is the Ethiopian Constitution different from the Soviet Constitution?

A second difference between the Ethiopian and Soviet constitutions is that the former declared the country to be a unitary state rather than a union of republics.

What was the percentage of support for the Ethiopian Constitution?

Eighty-one percent of the electorate endorsed the constitution, while 18 percent opposed it (1 percent of the ballots were invalid). Although this was the first election in Ethiopia’s history based on universal suffrage, the presence of communist cadres throughout the country ensured that the constitution would be adopted.

What kind of government does Ethiopia have now?

This Constitution establishes a Federal and Democratic State structure. According, the Ethiopian state shall be known as The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The territorial jurisdiction of Ethiopia shall comprise the territory of the members of the Federation and its boundaries shall be as determined by international agreements.