What is the biggest carp ever caught in the world?

What is the biggest carp ever caught in the world?

A BRITISH angler living in Thailand has broken the world record for the biggest carp ever caught. According to an article on the Lad Bible website, John Harvey’s catch weighed in at a whopping 232 lb or 105 kg.

What’s the biggest carp ever caught in the United States?

59lb 4oz and what an immaculate looker! The largest carp ever caught by design in the US is a common of 62lb caught by Luis Montes in California.

How old is a 125 lb carp?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that state conservation officials estimate the fish was 10 years old. Bighead carp are invasive. Missouri separates fishing records by pole-and-line and alternative methods, such as bowfishing.

What is the biggest carp ever caught in the UK?

83lb 4oz
The biggest carp ever caught in Britain was an 83lb 4oz mirror known as ‘The Big Plated’ from the Wingham syndicate in Kent. A claim for the record was never submitted, however, due to the fish being heavily spawn-bound.

How big was the largest Musky ever caught?

Any talk of a “record muskie” immediately evokes an entire genre of lore and controversy – and amusement thereof – among muskie anglers. The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wis., recognizes Louis Spray’s 63 1/2-inch, 69-pound fish caught on the Chippewa Flowage in 1949 as the largest ever caught.

How big is the largest muskie ever caught?

The largest muskie ever caught, according to the Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Program, was a 58-inch, 58-pound muskie caught in 2012 by Joe Seeberger of Lake Bellaire in Michigan.

What is the biggest striper ever caught?

The largest striped bass ever taken by angling was an 81.88-lb (37.14-kg) specimen taken from a boat in Long Island Sound, near the Outer Southwest Reef, off the coast of Westbrook, Connecticut. The all-tackle world record fish was taken by Gregory Myerson on the night of August 4, 2011.

What is the biggest walleye ever caught?

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters fishing registry says the largest walleye caught on record was 36.5 inches long, with a girth of 21 inches. It was caught in 1943.