What is the best food for a blue belly lizard?

What is the best food for a blue belly lizard?

Ants, small bugs, beetles, and baby crickets are good foods for a baby blue belly lizard. Babies hatch at approximately 2 1/4 inches. Food should be smaller than the jaw of the baby lizard. When the lizard grows, it may consume larger foods, such as worms or maggots.

Are blue belly lizards good pets?

Blue belly lizards can be kept as pets and are one of the hardier types of spiny lizards. To increase the chances that your lizard lives to his potential life span, provide him with a large enough habitat, a heat lamp, water, and food, such as insects and invertebrates.

Are blue belly lizards harmful?

No. Blue belly lizards, also know as western fence lizards are not poisonous, but can bite.

What kind of food do blue bellied lizards eat?

Blue belly lizards primarily consume invertebrates in the wild, but they will eat small lizards from time to time. In captivity, blue bellies will thrive on commercially produced crickets or roaches. You can offer mealworms, wax worms and earthworms for occasional treats.

What kind of lizard has a blue belly?

Video of the Day. Many people in the Western United States get their first real introduction to reptiles from Sceloporus occidentalis, the Western fence lizard. This small grayish-brown lizard has a covering of shiny blue scales on its belly, giving rise to the better-known name of “blue belly lizard.”.

How do you care for a blue belly lizard?

The blue belly lizard is found in its natural habitat and in many pet stores. Wash and clean the inside of a 20-gallon aquarium. Layer the bottom of the aquarium with about 1 inch of dirt. Place rocks and wood on top of the soil. Provide sticks or ledges for the lizard to climb on.

Do blue belly lizards drink water?

Some blue belly lizards do not recognize water dishes and prefer drinking water droplets that have been sprayed on the cage walls and furniture. In such cases, it is important to mist the cage lightly every day to ensure the lizard can hydrate adequately.