What is Ostwald and walkers method?

What is Ostwald and walkers method?

Ostwald and Walker’s Dynamic Method (Gas Saturation Method): In this method, the relative lowering of vapor pressure can be calculated in an easy simple way Procedure. The apparatus used by Ostwald and Walker consist of two sets of bulbs : (a) Set A contains the solution (b) Set B contains the solvent.

Which of the following can be measured by the Ostwald Walker dynamic method?

Ostwald-Walker dynamic method is used for measurement of relative lowering of vapour pressure.

Is Ostwald and Walker method in NEET?

The document Ostwald and Walker Method NEET Notes | EduRev is a part of NEET category. What is walker and Ostwald dynamic process which was being given to detemine lower the vapour pressure .? The apparatus used is shown in Fig. 5.6.

What is Ostwald process in chemistry?

The Ostwald process is a chemical process used for making nitric acid (HNO3). Wilhelm Ostwald developed the process, and he patented it in 1902. The Ostwald process is a mainstay of the modern chemical industry, and it provides the main raw material for the most common type of fertilizer production.

Which method is used to determine lowering of vapour pressure?

This is the relation between the molar mass of solute and the lowering of vapour pressure. Measurement of Lowering of Vapour Pressure: Barometric Method: Raoult introduced the liquid or the solution into the Torricellian vacuum of a barometer tube and measured the depression of the mercury level.

How do we find molecular weight?

The molecular weight of any compound can be found out by adding the relative atomic masses of each element present in that particular compound. The number of atoms in a compound can be determined from their chemical formula.

Which of the following can be measured ANS?

Physical quantities can be measured. Like heat, length, area, volume, density, mass, etc.

What is depression in freezing point in chemistry?

Freezing point depression refers to the lowering of the freezing point of solvents upon the addition of solutes. It is a colligative property of solutions that is generally proportional to the molality of the added solute.

What is Ostwald method of nitric acid?

Ostwald’s process is a chemical process to convert ammonia into nitric acid in two stages. In stage1 ammonia is oxidized to form nitric oxide and nitric dioxide and in the second step the nitrogen dioxide is allowed to dissolve in water and finally nitric acid is formed.

What is Ostwald’s process explaining the process and conditions?