What is Michelangelo scared of?

What is Michelangelo scared of?

Beleaguered by illnesses, including kidney stones and ear problems, and by the constant interference of various officials and bureaucrats, Michelangelo spent most of his late years profoundly unhappy and lonely. His misery and wounded pride were compounded by his fear of damnation and eternal spiritual punishment.

What did Michelangelo struggle with?

In his youth, Michelangelo had taunted a fellow student, and received a blow on the nose that disfigured him for life. Over the years, he suffered increasing infirmities from the rigors of his work; in one of his poems, he documented the tremendous physical strain that he endured by painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

What problems did Michelangelo face when painting the Sistine Chapel?

He encountered his fair share of challenges, from the fresco plaster becoming infected with mold to his body aching from the hours upon hours he devoted to the work. He initially thought he was not up for the challenge, but he realized that this task was something that God, not just the Pope, wanted him to do.

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How old was Michelangelo when he got his apprenticeship?

At 13 years old, Michelangelo obtained apprenticeship from Ghirlandaio. A year after, the artist’s father asked Ghirlandaio to pay Michelangelo as an artist, and this was a rather unusual circumstance during that time.

What did Michelangelo do in his late life?

In his late works, Michelangelo puts aside all knowledge of the human body and his learning about art and goes back to creating his inner images in a naive and direct way, obeying only the dictates of his soul. In my last post, I spoke about the spiritual life of Michelangelo. In this post, I would like to address his theories on art.

Why did Michelangelo not get commissions after the Pieta?

Although his status as one of the period’s most talented artists following the completion of the Pietà was secure, Michelangelo didn’t receive any major commissions over the next two years. Financially, however this absence of work wasn’t of much concern. Wealth didn’t seem to affect the artist’s lifestyle.

What did Michelangelo think about the use of marble?

Michelangelo had some interesting thoughts on marble, too. “Marble is the heart of the universe, the purest substance created by God; not merely a symbol of God but a portrait, God’s way of manifesting Himself. Only a Divine hand could create such noble beauty.” He wrote this poem regarding marble: of a stone block.