What is mass movement of spread?

What is mass movement of spread?

e) Spreads: A spread is an extension of a cohesive soil or rock mass combined with a general subsidence of the fractured mass of cohesive material into softer underlying material. The rupture surface is not a surface of intense shear. Spreads may result from liquefaction or flow (and extrusion) of the softer material.

Which movement became a mass movement?

Civil Disobedience – How Gandhiji turned the national movement into a mass movement. The Civil Disobedience Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, in the year 1930 was an important milestone in the history of Indian Nationalism. It had a more visible impact than the non-cooperation movement ten years earlier.

Which was the first mass movement?

The farmer’s rebellion in Champaran in 1917 was the first mass movement started by Mahatma Gandhi in India. This uprising took place in the Indian state of Bihar during the British rule.

Which is an example of a mass movement?

Mass movements that are sliding of massive amounts of rock and soil are observed in landslides, mudslides, and avalanches. These are very active over weathered slopes rather than over unweathered materials. The ice, water or air does not carry debris with them from place to place but conversely, the residue may transport with it ice, water, or air.

What does mass movement in a cliff mean?

Mass Movement, also known as mass wasting, represents the downhill movement of cliff material under the persuasion of gravity. It depicts the bulk movements occurring in soil and rock residue down slopes in response to rapid or steady sinking of the Earth’s surface in a vertical direction or the pull of gravity.

How are mass wasting processes related to mass movement?

More recently, the term mass movement has been substituted to include mass wasting processes and the sinking of confined areas of the Earth’s ground surface. Mass movements on slopes and sinking mass movements are often aided by water and the significance of both types is the part each plays in the alteration of landforms.

Which is the ultimate control of mass movement?

While all of the above can cause mass movement to occur, the ultimate control of mass movement is gravity. Without the help of gravity, there would be no downward movement regardless of the cause. Are you a student or a teacher?