What is La Salle acceptance rate?

What is La Salle acceptance rate?

77.7% (2020)
La Salle University/Acceptance rate
La Salle University admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 76%. Half the applicants admitted to La Salle University have an SAT score between 980 and 1180 or an ACT score of 21 and 26.

What are La Salle students called?

Prior to this, students were referred to as Lasallites, but this was replaced with Lasallian, the present term. In 1987, the university, together with four other Lasallian institutions, became part of the De La Salle University System.

Is De La Salle a Spanish school?

LA SALLE schools was not established by the Spaniards. According to DLSU’s website, the school was established in 1911 by the Catholic teaching congregation Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Is Lasalle a party school?

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.

Does Dlsu allow hair color?

Section 4.2 of the DLSU Student Handbook 2012-2015 provides that: The University recognizes the right of students to come to school dressed according to their individual taste. On hair dye, students should not sport extreme hair colors (e.g. red, purple, blue etc.) …

Does DLSU SHS have scholarship?

Vaugirard Scholarship Program The Vaugirard Scholarship is awarded to Grade 11 applicants who have excelled in the DLSU Senior High School Admission and Placement Exam. The program is exclusively for students from Philippine public schools.

Is La Salle University very religious?

La Salle University, private, coeducational institution of higher learning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. It is operated by the Christian Brothers, a teaching order of the Roman Catholic church.

Is La Salle liberal?

A practical liberal arts education that gives you the critical skills employers are looking for. In La Salle’s School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll explore essential questions and find solutions that have value in the real world.

What makes La Salle Green Hills a good school?

Through innovative educational programs, La Salle Green Hills brings out the best in our Grades 1 to 10 students, developing exemplary Lasallian leaders who care for the poor and the environment.

Where is La Salle Green Hills in Mandaluyong?

Founded in 1959 by the La Salle Brothers, the school has become a landmark in the field of education, an institution known for its high standard of excellence in all areas of endeavor. La Salle Green Hills stands on a 6-hectare piece of prime property along Ortigas Avenue in Mandaluyong.

When was the Golden Jubilee of La Salle Green Hills?

On June 8, 2009, La Salle Green Hills celebrated its golden jubilee, and in 2011 celebrated together with the rest of the De La Salle schools in the Philippines the centennial celebration of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines.

Where can I go to school after de la Salle?

Following the phase-out of De La Salle Grade School – Manila in 1984, its grade school graduates were given an option to study either at LSGH (for northern and central Metro Manila residents) or at De La Salle Zobel in Ayala Alabang Village (for southern Metro Manila residents).