What is Judge Mathis history?

What is Judge Mathis history?

Judge Greg Mathis, the youngest elected judge in Michigan’s history, was born on April 5, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan. Raised by his mother, Mathis’s troubled upbringing and membership in the Errol Flynns gang is documented in his 2002 autobiography Inner City Miracle.

Where did Judge Mathis grow up?

Mathis was brought up in one of the worst housing projects in Detroit. During his youth, he was involved with gangs (most notably the Errol Flynns gang) dropped out of school and spent time behind bars.

What hardships did Judge Greg Mathis go through before he became successful?

A native of Detroit, MI, Mathis grew up in the inner city and dropped out of high school prior to graduation, then sank into a morass of crime before a judge issued an ultimatum to him: either earn his G.E.D. or face a lengthy jail sentence. Mathis not only opted for the G.E.D., but aggressively turned his life around.

Who was Judge Mathis mother?

Alice Lee Mathis
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How old is Greg Mathis?

61 years (April 5, 1960)
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How much is Joe Mathis worth?

Judge Greg Mathis Net Worth and salary: Judge Greg Mathis is an American retired Superior Court Judge who has a net worth of $20 million dollars….Judge Greg Mathis Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Judge, Actor, Writer, Presenter
Nationality: United States of America

How old is Judge Mathis now?

Who are the parents of Judge Gregory Mathis?

Gregory Ellis Mathis was born in April 1960, in Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of Charles Mathis and Alice Lee Mathis. He has three older brothers, and his mother used to work as a housekeeper. In 1964, his family moved to Herman Gardens.

Who is the judge on Judge Mathis TV show?

Gregory Ellis “Greg” Mathis (born April 5, 1960) is a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge and syndicated television show arbiter on the long-running reality courtroom show Judge Mathis. Produced in Chicago, Illinois, the program has been on the air since 1999 and is currently into its 18th season as of September 5, 2016.

How tall is Judge Mathis of Michigan Supreme Court?

In 1987, he received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. Judge Mathis was born on 5 April 1960 and currently as of 2020, he is 61 years old. Statistics put Judge Mathis height as 1.8 m and weight 82 kg Approx. Is Judge Mathis having any relationship affair?

Where did Gregory Mathis go to Law School?

Mathis received his B.S. degree in public administration from Eastern Michigan University in 1982 and his J.D. degree from the University of Detroit Law School in 1987. Mathis led the Free South Africa and voter registration campaigns at Eastern Michigan University. In 1983 Mathis joined the staff of Detroit City Councilman Clyde…