What is Form I-129 used for?

What is Form I-129 used for?

The Purpose of Form I-129 This form is used by an employer to petition U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for an alien beneficiary to come temporarily to the United States as a nonimmigrant to perform services or labor, or to receive training.

Who fills out Form I-129?

Petitioners use this form to file on behalf of a nonimmigrant worker to come to the United States temporarily to perform services or labor, or to receive training, as an H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, H-3, L-1, O-1, O-2, P-1, P-1S, P-2, P-2S, P-3, P-3S, Q-1 or R-1 nonimmigrant worker.

What is the form that you fill out to prove you are allowed to work in the United States when you first are hired by a company?

Form I-9
When completing Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, you, as the employer, must make the complete instructions to the form and the Lists of Acceptable Documents available to newly hired employees. Your employees must complete and sign Section 1 of Form I-9 no later than their first day of employment.

How can I work in the United States as a nonimmigrant?

A common way to work temporarily in the United States as a nonimmigrant is for a prospective employer to file a petition with USCIS on your behalf. The Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Workers webpage describes the main nonimmigrant temporary worker classifications.

Which is an example of unauthorized employment by USCIS?

However, playing an active role in the day to day running of a business or active Forex trading could be considered unauthorized employment. A very good example is the case of Wettasinghe versus USCIS, where a student was found to have violated his status for investing in and being actively involved in running a business.

Do you have to have work authorization to work in the US?

Since 1986, the immigration law requires employers to only hire workers who have authorization by the U.S. government to work in this country. The law requires employers to check (verify) the identity and work eligibility of each employee.

What can a foreign national do without a work permit?

Foreign nationals are allowed to make financial investments to generate capital gain without a work permit. Investment in the stock market, bonds, or other forms of savings that bring returns is permitted. You can also invest in a private company as a passive investor.