What is an aliquot of a sample?

What is an aliquot of a sample?

Sample aliquoting is the practice of dividing a sample into one or more smaller portions. Each smaller portion of the sample is known as an aliquot and it is similar in characteristics as the parent sample. It only differs in quantity.

What is the purpose of aliquot?

These small amounts are called aliquots. Aliquots also function to help prevent chemical substances from decomposing due to repeated thaw and freezing of large volume samples. So, enjoy your well-earned aliquot of lemonade at your next barbecue party!

What is an aliquot in science?

In chemistry and other branches of science, an aliquot is a fraction of a specimen. This portion is often used for testing of the specimen.

What is an aliquot in analytical chemistry?

Aliquot of a sample, in chemistry or the other sciences, an exact portion of a sample or total amount of a liquid (e.g. exactly 25mL of water taken from 250 ml)

What is an aliquot in immunology and serology?

Aliquot means to separate a portion of the serum or plasma and place in a separate tube. Serum and Plasma is the clear upper fluid or fluid above the gel from a centrifuged tube.

What is an aliquot of a sample quizlet?

Aliquot. A portion of well mixed sample removed for testing. Anticoagulant. Chemicals added to a blood sample after collection to prevent clotting.

What is aliquots in microbiology?

A representative sample of a fixed proportion. Thus 50 µl from a 25 ml solution represents 1/500 of the total.

What are aliquots in pharmacy?

Aliquot means containing an exact number of times in something else or when you divide the factor into the amount, there is no remainder. In pharmacy, the aliquot method refers to measuring out a small amount of a chemical or drug by diluting a larger amount, making the needed quantity measurable.

What does the name aliquot mean?

The definition of aliquot is of a part of medicine or chemicals, or a number that divides another number evenly. An example of something aliquot is a part of penicillin. An example of something aliquot is the number 2 to the number 6.

What does aliquoting mean?

Aliquoting is the removal of serum plasma from the whole blood product. Procedure. The investigator or delegated person should follow protocol specific guidelines for processing and aliquoting blood specimens or follow the procedure outlined below.

What does aliquot mean in Latin?

An aliquot part of a number or quantity is one which will divide it without a remainder; thus, 5 is an aliquot part of 15. Opposed to aliquant. From French aliquote, from Latin aliquot . (chemistry, biotechnology) A portion of a total amount of a solution or suspension.

What is the plural of aliquot?

aliquot (plural aliquots) (chemistry, biotechnology) A portion of a total amount of a solution or suspension. 1965 December 1, Martha Smith Richmond, Analysis of Uranium Concentrates at the National Bureau of Standards , National Bureau of Standards, NBS Misc.