What is Alfred Sisley known for?

What is Alfred Sisley known for?

Alfred Sisley, (born Oct. 30, 1839, Paris, France—died Jan. 29, 1899, Moret-sur-Loing), painter who was one of the creators of French Impressionism.

How many paintings did Alfred Sisley make?

Sisley produced some 900 oil paintings, some 100 pastels and many other drawings.

Where did Alfred Sisley go to school?

National School of Fine Arts
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Who was Alfred Sisley inspired by?

Later that year, Monet encouraged Georges Petit to hold an auction of Sisley’s works to raise funds for Sisley’s children. Most painfully, it was at this auction, just a year after his death, that Sisley’s painting ‘Flood at Port Marly’ sold for 43,000 francs.

What techniques did Alfred Sisley use?

Sisley painted mostly calm landscapes in a typical Impressionist style, with simple forms, broken color, and a colorful palette. His work is similar to that of Monet, but his use of color was much more restrained. In some cases, Sisley was too restrained in his use of color.

Who influenced Alfred Sisley?

At the age of 18, Sisley was sent to London to study for a career in business, but he abandoned it after four years and returned to Paris. Beginning in 1862 he studied at the atelier of Swiss artist Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre, where he became acquainted with Frederic Bazille, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Was Alfred Sisley married?

Eugénie Lescouezecm. 1897–1898
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What is Alfred Sisley style?

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Although he is often considered an outsider because of his English citizenship, Sisley trained in Paris with Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet, among other greats, and was one of the crucial figures working to create the new style that would become known as Impressionism.

Who influenced Sisley?

Sisley’s work was heavily influenced by earlier periods of French and English painting and he borrowed from the Barbizon School in particular. In turn, the Barbizon school had been inspired by the work of John Constable, a 19th century English painter.

Where was Alfred Sisley born?

Paris, France
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