What is AC joint resection?

What is AC joint resection?

This procedure is done as a keyhole operation and involves removing a segment of bone at the end of the clavicle (collarbone). Resection of a painful AC joint is very effective in relieving pain. The resected AC joint is replaced by fibrous scar tissue that takes the place of the worn out, inflammed joint.

Can 29824 and 29822 be billed together?

For example, while CPT 29822 normally bundles into CPT code 29824 (Arthroscopic, shoulder, surgical, distal claviculectomy), both may be reported if the limited debridement is performed on other areas of the shoulder unrelated to the area/work performed to complete the arthroscopic, distal claviculectomy.

What is a resection arthroplasty?

Resection arthroplasty is surgery where your doctor removes part of your joint to relieve your symptoms. The space that’s left fills in with scar tissue over time. For some joint problems, it’s a common surgery. For others, it’s used only as a last resort.

What is AC joint arthritis?

AC joint arthrosis, or osteoarthritis of the, acromioclavicular joint is most common in people who are middle aged. It develops when the cartilage in the AC joint begins to wear out. With this condition, there usually pain that limits the motion of the arm. Causes of AC Arthritis of the Shoulder.

What is procedure code 23412?

23412. Repair of ruptured musculotendinous cuff (eg, rotator cuff) open; chronic. J1.

Can CPT code 29823 and 29824 be billed together?

Yes as long as the debridment is unrelated to AC joint/area.

What is CPT code 29822?

CPT 29822 — Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; debridement, limited, 1 or 2 discrete structures (e.g., humeral bone, humeral articular cartilage, glenoid bone, glenoid articular cartilage, biceps tendon, biceps anchor complex, labrum, articular capsule, articular side of the rotator cuff, bursal side of the rotator cuff.

What is CPT code 23412?

Code 23412 is more appropriately used for most of the rotator cuff tears that occur in older individuals who have sustained a tear over time, with or without a superimposed acute episode.

Can CPT code 29824 and 29827 be billed together?

The answer is Yes and No Per the 2017 CMS NCCI Surgical Policy Manual code 29823 CAN be billed with 29824, 29827 & 29828 ONLY. Remember this is a CMS policy.

What is the CPT code for distal clavicle excision?

This means excision of the entire distal clavicle (approximately 1 cm), not merely shaving off osteophytes at the acromioclavicular joint. The code for the open procedure is 23120; use 29824 for an arthroscopic procedure.

What is the CPT code for AC joint reconstruction?

CPT code 23552 (AC joint resection and reconstruction + CC ligament reconstruction with graft) and CPT 23515 (Open reduction and internal fixation of clavicle).

How do you repair an AC joint?

The AC joint will be repaired by making an incision across the top of the shoulder. Dr. Gillespie uses tissue and large suture to stabilize the joint. If the injury is old, reconstructing the ligaments that attach to the underside of the collarbone may be done.

What is the CPT code for AC joint separation?

CPT Code: 23170. A separated shoulder (also known as acromioclavicular separation, AC joint separation, AC separation ), is a common injury to the acromioclavicular joint.

What is CPT code 29824?

CPT 29824, Under Endoscopy/Arthroscopy Procedures on the Musculoskeletal System. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 29824 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Endoscopy/Arthroscopy Procedures on the Musculoskeletal System.