What is a first edition Gone With the Wind book worth?

What is a first edition Gone With the Wind book worth?

Signed first editions are valued from $10,000-$25,000, depending on the book’s condition, of course. The true firsts with the May 1936 date also have the original publisher’s price of $3.00 and a “Spring Novels” advert with Gone With the Wind as the second title down as indicators of edition.

Is Gone With the Wind book historically accurate?

Gone with the Wind is not very historically accurate Although The Atlantic reports that author Margaret Mitchell claimed she’d spent “tens of years” researching the time period and historical events depicted or referenced in the book, she gets much of the reality of the Antebellum South wrong.

When was the book Gone With the Wind written?

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Did Margaret Mitchell like the movie Gone With the Wind?

Mitchell declined to be involved with the production of the movie, though she was said to have loved it—save for a few details (she found Tara to be too opulent, for example).

What year was Gone with the Wind movie?

January 17, 1940 (USA)
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When was gone with the wind?

Gone with the Wind, American epic film, released in 1939, that was one of the best known and most successful films of all time.

How does the book Gone With the Wind end?

The book ends with Rhett leaving Scarlett, and Scarlett deciding to go back to her family home at Tara to get herself together. She decides she’ll head back there, and then: With the spirit of her people who would not know defeat, even when it stared them in the fact, she raised her chin.

Why is gone with the wind Cancelled?

Gone with the Wind has been taken off HBO Max following calls for it to be removed from the US streaming service. HBO Max said the 1939 film was “a product of its time” and depicted “ethnic and racial prejudices” that “were wrong then and are wrong today”.

When was Gone with the Wind first Publis?

Gone with the Wind was first published in 1936. It entered the public domain in Australia in 1999 (death + 50 years). It will not enter the public domain in the United States until 2031 (publication + 95 years).

How many pages is Gone with the Wind?

Over 800 pages long, Gone with the winds, presents to the readers the story of lives falling upside down.

What is the first edition of Gone with the Wind?

The first edition of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was published in 1936 by The Macmillan Company in New York. It consisted of only about 5000 copies. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction the next year.

When did Gone with the Wind take place?

Gone with the Wind takes place in the southern United States in the state of Georgia during the American Civil War (1861–1865) and the Reconstruction Era (1865–1877).