What instrument does Lionel Hampton play?

What instrument does Lionel Hampton play?

the vibraphone
Mr. Hampton performed on piano and drums and was one of the first musicians to play the vibraphone in jazz, on groundbreaking recordings with Louis Armstrong, Benny Carter and Benny Goodman in the 1920’s and 30’s.

What was the first instrument that Hampton played?

During a 1930 recording session with Armstrong, Hampton first played vibraphone. “There was a set of vibes in the corner,” Hampton recalled. “Louis said, ‘Do you know how to play it?’

What is Lionel Hampton known for?

The Lionel Hampton Orchestra became known around the world for its first-class jazz musicianship. As a composer and arranger, Hampton wrote more than 200 works, including the jazz standards Flying Home, Evil Gal Blues, and Midnight Sun. He also composed the major symphonic work, “King David Suite.”

Is Lionel Hampton still alive?

Deceased (1908–2002)
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What instrument did Lionel Hampton make popular during the 20th century?

Best known for his work on the vibraphone, Hampton was also a skilled drummer, pianist, and singer.

Where was Lionel Hampton from?

Louisville, KY
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How old is Lionel Hampton?

94 years (1908–2002)
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What musician plays the xylophone?

The term xylophone may be used generally, to include all such instruments such as the marimba, balafon and even the semantron….Xylophone.

Percussion instrument
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Do xylophones have a pedal?

By striking these bars with plastic, wooden or rubber mallets, music is produced. Each and every bar is tuned to a particular pitch. Similar to a piano, a vibraphone has a sustain pedal. Xylophone produces a more crisp tone than the vibraphone.

Where is Lionel Hampton buried?

Woodlawn Cemetery • Crematory • Conservancy, New York, NY
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Hampton died from congestive heart failure at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, on August 31, 2002. He was interred at the Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York.