What has Portia noticed about Brutus?

What has Portia noticed about Brutus?

What has Portia noticed about Brutus’s recent behavior? Portia notices that lately Brutus’s behavior has been strange, he seems to be bothered. The reasons Portia gives to Brutus to reveal s feelings to her are that as a wife, it’s her job to know what is concerning him, so she can be there to comfort him.

Does Portia kill herself?

In the play, she is devastated to hear of the death of her husband and kills herself. Her servant announces to the Romans that Portia died swallowing live coals, before taking her own life with a dagger. In The Purgatory of Suicide by Thomas Cooper, Portia is one of the suicides spoken of in the poem.

What does the scene with Portia reveal?

What does the scene with Portia reveal? To prove her point, she stabs her self in the thigh without flinching and demands her husband treats her with more respect.

What are some of Portia’s characteristics?

Portia is a strong-willed, stubborn, persistent and shrewd woman–all uncommon characteristics in the stereotypical woman of Shakespeare’s time. Portia confronts her husband in their orchard, in the middle of the night, in the rain.

What is Portia’s relationship to Brutus?

Brutus follows the rules of stoicism. Portia as is wife follows Brutus’s lead; therefore, she keeps inside all the deep feeling, tenderness, and anxiety that are aroused in her by her husband’s problems. She even sends their servant boy to the senate to watch and bring her news of the occurrences at the senate.

What does Portia beg Brutus tell her?

She calls on her position as his wife to convince him to confide in her. She insists that marriage is more that just sharing meals and a bed. It is about sharing confidences. If he refuses to speak to her she might as well be a harlot because he is denying her the prime component of marriage.

Why does Portia eat hot coals?

According to him, Portia killed herself because she was missing Brutus so much and also she had heard news that the opposition against him was now so strong, she became distraught and “swallowed fire” when her servants were not at home. According to Plutarch, she killed herself by putting hot coals in her mouth.

What is Portia’s concern at the end of Scene 4?

In this scene, Portia wishes to act but cannot for she has “a man’s mind, but a woman’s might.” Portia’s untenable position — her fear that her husband’s plan will be discovered (although she does not know exactly what the plan is) and that she cannot act to help him — add to tension at the end of Act II.

How is Portia respectful?

Portia is respectful, even to the suitors she is uninterested in, and she is also intelligent. Portia displays her intelligence by conducting an elaborate plan to save Antonio and gives a valid argument that prevents Shylock from cutting a pound of flesh from Antonio’s breast.