What happens when you get ATKT?

What happens when you get ATKT?

Allowed to keep terms (ATKT) is a process in the Indian education system to allow students of pre-graduation and graduation to study in the next grade if they have failed in 1 to 4 subjects. The students must pass the papers they failed before entering into the next grade.

How do I clear my ATKT exam?

You can apply for the examinations for the 3 year and appear for the same. But to clear the course you need to finish your 2 year arrears paper also. So have to apply for the arrears paper in second year along with your 3 year papers simultaneously.

What is difference between ATKT and backlogs?

Some universities call it ATKT (allowed to keep term), some call it CP (Carry Papers), some call it backlog etc. If the fail papers are more, a student is declared as Failed or Dropped and not allowed to move ahead unless he clears his backlogs.

How do I not get KT?

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  1. Set a Routine. I cannot exaggerate the importance of setting a certain number of hours aside daily for studies.
  2. Discipline.
  3. Solving past years’ university question papers.
  4. Making notes.

How many attempts are there in ATKT?

When you get an atkt it doesn’t mean that you can keep giving that exam how many ever times you like. Each and every university has laid down rules for which it is mentioned the maximum number of attempts you get.In some universities it is 6 or 8 attempts after which you are debarred from any more attempts.

What is Atkt in Mumbai University?

ATKT stands for Allowed To Keep Terms in which a pre-graduation or graduation student is promoted to the next grade even if the student has backlogs in 1 to 4 subjects. However, for promotion into further grades, the student has to clear all the previous backlogs.

Can a final year student of Mumbai University keep ATKTs?

Mumbai University, in a circular issued on Monday, said that final-year students with ATKTs (allowed to keep terms) in subjects from previous semesters can clear these in July.

How many ATKTs can you get in second year of MSBTE?

ATKT means you failed in particular subject but you can continue your term without loosing an year. Maximum 4 ATKTs are allowed for 2nd year. If you got 5 ATKT in 2nd year, then you will get year drop.

What does it mean to keep terms in ATKT?

ATKT refers to Allowed To Keep Terms. As per this system, candidates are allowed to move on to the next level of the course even without qualifying all the subjects in the previous year.

What happens in the full form of a.t.k.t?

The full form of A.T.K.T is Allowed To Keep Terms. This implies that if you pass fail in some subject in a particular term, you are allowed to go to the next semester or do the next course in line; without missing the term.