What happens if you plead guilty by post?

What happens if you plead guilty by post?

Pleading Guilty By Post If you decide to plead guilty to the offence that you have been charged with, you can choose to have the case dealt with in your absence. Pleading guilty by post enables you to avoid going to court, which is appealing to many people.

Is it better to plead guilty in court or by post?

If you plead guilty (at court or in writing) the court is likely to sentence you at the same hearing. If you plead guilty by post, the court will always require you to attend court if you face a possible disqualification due to a high speed or ‘totting-up’ penalty points.

What happens after single justice procedure notice?

After the Single Justice Procedure, a notice of proposed driving disqualification may also be issued which provides the option of either requesting a full hearing at which you can put forward an exceptional hardship argument or be disqualified from driving in absence. This normally requires a response within 14 days.

Do I have to attend court for a driving ban?

Your attendance is not strictly required at the trial but it may be in your interests to attend, particularly if it would assist your case to give evidence before the Court. If you intend to plead guilty and a disqualification from driving is a possibility your attendance will be required.

Is a single justice procedure a criminal record?

Will I receive a criminal record? If your matter is resolved via the Single Justice Procedure, it has still been concluded in a criminal Court and a record will be made of the outcome. Consequently, whilst you have not been arrested, you would still have to declare any conviction.

Is a SJPN a criminal record?

Is it recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC)? Most SJPN’s are for non-recordable offences, meaning they are not normally recorded on the PNC. If it’s not recorded on the PNC, it will not be disclosed on criminal record checks.

Can a court reject a guilty plea?

They can accept the plea agreement as it is, or they can reject it outright. If a judge rejects a plea agreement, they usually must state a justification on the record. In other cases, a judge may accept only certain terms of the agreement, while rejecting other terms, such as the proposed sentence.

What happens if you plead guilty to drink driving?

When you plead guilty to drink driving you must be banned for at least 12 months. The ban from driving is often longer; the court has guidelines with a sliding scale based on the alcohol reading. Sometimes a court will be sympathetic if a disqualification from driving will have a massive effect on you.

Do you have to plead guilty or not guilty for speeding?

It’s important that you acquire a disclosure of all evidence against you before you attend court of make your plea of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. This is relevant no matter what the driving offence – whether it’s speeding, driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance, or any other offence.

What happens if I plead guilty by post?

If you plead guilty by post, the court will always require you to attend court if you face a possible disqualification due to a high speed or ‘totting-up’ penalty points. If you plead not guilty the court will set a future date, allowing time for the CPS to make disclosure of the evidence.

Do you have to notify the court if you plead not guilty?

Pleading not guilty You may decide, possibly on legal advice, that the correct plea for you to notify the court of is one of not guilty. If this happens, once the court receives the form it will list the case for trial. You will then be required to attend the trial with your witnesses once you are notified of the court date.