What happened when Henry tries to help the tall soldier as he was dying?

What happened when Henry tries to help the tall soldier as he was dying?

Henry tries to help the tall soldier along the way. The other soldiers are preoccupied in their own wounds. Suddenly, along their march, the tall soldier is overcome by terror. His face turns into a “gray paste.” Jim then tells Henry he is afraid of being overrun by an artillery wagon as it speeds down the road.

What did the loud soldier give Henry at the end of Chapter 3?

The regiment comes upon a battle in the distance, and the men begin to prepare for battle. As the chapter ends, the loud soldier (Wilson) tells Henry that he expects to die in battle, and he hands Henry a packet which he asks Henry to take to his family.

What was the reaction of each the tall soldier youthful private and loud soldier to the news?

What was the reaction of each (the tall soldier, youthful private, and loud soldier) to the news? The youthful private was scared and nervous. You just studied 55 terms!

Why does Henry feel ashamed of his wound?

He feels ashamed that he has no wound like the others around him. He longs to carry a symbol of bravery, a wound, indicating that a more normal sense of honor has returned to his mind. However, Henry seems incapable of acting bravely, even in this less dangerous setting.

Why does Henry Keep repeating Leave Me Be?

He keeps repeating “leave me be –leave me be –” Henry follows him, knowing he must lead Jim out of the road because a battery of cannons threatens to run them over. Henry directs Jim to the fields. He turns to watch the guns go by, then hears a cry from the tattered soldier that Jim is running.

Why did Henry want to join the Army?

Before joining the army, he dreamed of grand battles that “thrilled him with their sweep and fire,” and he seems to desire a “Greeklike” or “Homeric” struggle. His mother had discouraged him from joining but he enlists anyway.

How did Henry become overwelm in Red Badge of courage?

As they marched forth, they came across a DEAD body of a soldier lying in the path. Henry become OVERWELM, never seeing a dead man, who had been killed before. Henry fell back from the line and lost his place. He couldn’t take his eyes of the dead soldier .