What happened to Elie and his father when they arrived at the camp?

What happened to Elie and his father when they arrived at the camp?

Immediately after the Wiesel family arrived at Auschwitz, Elie and his father were separated from his mother and sisters. He never his mother and one sister again and then found out years later that his mother and youngest sister were killed in the gas chambers at the concentration camp.

How did Wiesel respond to his father’s request at the concentration camp?

How does Elie respond to his father’s request at the concentration camp? He argues, and tells him to stop talking like that.

What did Wiesel and his father lie about when they arrived at Auschwitz?

The inmate told them to lie about their age because if they were too young or too old, they would be killed right away by the Germans. Why does the inmate tell Elie and his father to lie about their age? Elie lied because he wanted Stein to have some hope of them surviving and so the German’s didn’t know about them.

How does Elie react to his father’s death?

Elie responds to his father’s death by feeling free. His father had been sick for so long and was becoming something a burden to Elie. Though he feels guilty for his lack of emotion, Elie is relieved that his father will no longer have to suffer and that he, Elie, will no longer have to take care of him.

How is the father son relationship of Elie and his father transformed in chapter four?

The relationship of Elie Wiesel and his father improves drastically. They develop a close connection and support one another as they go through hard times in the camp. For example, while at the camp after his father is deemed too weak to work and taken to the side of those to go the crematorium.

Why did Elie’s his father wish Elie had gone with his mother and sister is this wish selfish?

– Elie’s father wishes Elie would go to his mom because so he would be safe with his mom, and that he didn’t want to see his only son die. It is ironic because he didn’t take the chance to save his family when Maria offered refuge, but not he wants to save his son.

How did Elie and his father get separated from his mother and sisters?

When both ghettos were liquidated the entire Jewish population of Sighet was deported to Auschwitz- Birkenau. At the selection ramp of Birkenau, Wiesel was separated from his mother and sisters.

Why did Wiesel’s father make the request he did at the concentration camp in Chapter 8?

He was desperate for Elie to survive. He was giving up on life. Q. When the prisoners found our that they could have soup, what was their reaction in Chapter 8?

Why is Elie unable to cry when he realizes his father has died?

Wiesel writes that he did no weep for his father’s death. He felt guilty for his lack of emotion, but he was “out of tears.” The exhausting nature of life in the concentration camp has left him without the ability to express or even feel the most basic emotions.

Why do you think the inmate is telling Eliezer and his father to change their ages to 40 and 18 instead of 50 and 15?

They are told by another prisoner that Elie needs to lie about his age. He needs to say he is eighteen and his father needs to say he is forty. This will give them the greatest chance of survival. If the SS officers see that the two men can work, then they will keep them around instead of killing them right away.

Why does the Gypsy strike Wiesel’s father and how does Wiesel react when this happens?

Why does the gypsy strike Wiesel’s father and how does Wiesel react when this happens? The Gypsy striked Wiesel’s father because he asked where the toilet was and Elie just sat there and watched while it happened. Wiesel is referring to the words their new overseer said to them whenever they got to Auschwitz.

Why did the father decide to leave the camp?

After staying at this camp for an undisclosed amount of time, at least several days, the father decides they must leave because the waterfall will attract others. They consult an old, dismembered map and plan their route. The man tells the boy that the area used to be divided into states.

How did Eliezer’s father tell him to die?

Eliezer’s father goes over to a pile of snow with his son and tells him that he can no longer go on. Eliezer is enraged that his father is ready to die after having survived for so long, and he argues with him for a long time not to stay in the snow.

What happens to the father and son in Elie Wiesel?

Then the son was beaten by others. The corpses of the father and son lay next to Elie. It is a horrific scene to be witnessed at any age, but at fifteen, it is going to stay with him a long, long time. During the last day of their journey, what happened?

Why did Elie’s father not let him sleep?

Why did Elie’s father not let him sleep? He was afraid Elie would not wake uo What agreement do Elie and his father come to? They would watch over each other and take turns sleeping Who is Rabbi Eliahou looking for? What does Elie remember after talking to the Rabbi? His son.