What happened Cryme Tyme?

What happened Cryme Tyme?

Cryme Tyme was an American professional wrestling tag team consisting of JTG and Shad Gaspard, best known for their tenure in WWE. The team was an over-the-top parody of stereotypical street thugs. The tag team first disbanded in 2010, though reunited in 2014 and continued wrestling until Gaspard’s death in May 2020.

Will JTG return to WWE?

At one point in the interview, JTG was asked if he would be interested in returning to WWE. The former Superstar said that although he would be interested, the decision was not in his hands: “Only time can tell, that’s not up to me. I feel like everyone wants me back in a WWE ring.

Why did Cryme Tyme leave WWE?

He said that they had been released because of a ‘rib’ that had gone wrong. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock pulled a rib on them in a live event and left them in the ring where they had been supposed to go over. Thinking of a way to leave the crowd hot, Shad decided to hit the finish of the move on the referee.