What factors affect respiration rate?

What factors affect respiration rate?

The eight environmental factors effecting the rate of respiration are: (1) Oxygen Content of the Atmosphere (2) Effect of Temperature (3) Effect of Light (4) Effect of Water Contents (5) Effect of Respirable Material (6) Effect of Carbon Dioxide Concentration (7) Protoplasmic Conditions and (8) Other Factors.

What are types of respiration?

Three types of respiration include internal, external, and cellular respiration. External respiration is the breathing process. It involves inhalation and exhalation of gases. Internal respiration involves gas exchange between the blood and body cells.

What factors affect the respiration rate of yeast?

The rate of respiration is influenced by different ​factors​(e.g. temperature, pH, nutrient availability). The effect of each of these factors can be determined by changing ​one variable only​, and observing its effect on the rate of reaction.

What factors affect respiration rate of an animal?

Oxygen, carbondioxide, temperature, light, availability of respirable materials etc., affect the rate of respiration. Oxygen is most important for aerobic respiration.

What factors decrease the rate of cellular respiration?

Let’s see the factors affecting the rate of respiration.

  • Temperature: At a very high temperature, the rate of respiration decreases with time, and at very low temperature, the respiration rate is insignificant.
  • Carbon dioxide concentration: The higher the carbon dioxide concentration, the lower the rate of respiration.

What are the factors that affect the rate of respiration?

Many external factors like temperature, oxygen, light, CO2, etc., affect the rate of respiration.

What kind of drugs can affect your respiration rate?

Drugs and Alcohol. Certain prescription drugs, such as narcotic pain relievers and sedatives, and the street drug heroin can depress the activity of the respiratory rhythmicity center in the brainstem.

How does the respiration process affect plants and animals?

Besides nutritional factors affecting cellular respiration in plants and animals, water also influences the process. For example, water in dry seeds is always responsible for low rates of respiration in cells. In addition, in wilted tissues, starch is transformed into sugars, making it available to allow the process of respiration to occur.

How does carbon dioxide affect your respiratory rate?

Blood Carbon Dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide in the blood exerts a strong influence on respiratory rate. As your activity level increases, your cells — especially muscles cells — produce increased amounts of carbon dioxide.