What episode does GREY and Juvia get together?

What episode does GREY and Juvia get together?

Episode 158: Juvia and Gray participate in the same game, Juvia tells Gray she has no intention of loosing to him and he tells her to hit him with everything she’s got. Juvia ends up falling in love with all the Gray statues around her.

Does anyone ever kiss in fairy tail?

Just before the two can finally kiss, Mashima made sure to tease fans before stopping the couple. In the end, the artist turned Natsu and Lucy into a different couple who most definitely don’t want to kiss.

Who is GREY girlfriend in fairy tail?

Juvia Lockser
Gray Fullbuster is the love interest of Juvia Lockser in the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail. Initially, Juvia was Gray’s enemy, as a member of Phantom Lord’s strongest team, Element 4. However, When the two met, she instantly fell in love with him at first sight.

Is Gray in love with Juvia?

Juvia’s love for Gray is true, as shown when Meredy was able to use Maguilty Sense on her and Gray, a spell that can only work which depends on the strong bond between two people. Erza mentions that this is Juvia’s true power (her strong feelings for her love). She has also sacrificed her life to save his.

Do Gray and Juvia have a baby?

Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairy Tail, has drawn Gray and Juvia’s son on multiple occasions. It started at New York Comic Con 2017, but has extended to other events, his twitter, and the official Fairy Tail sequel. As of 2020, the Edolas version of their son is officially canon in the 100 Years Quest sequel.

What episode did Natsu and Lucy kiss?

Episode 219 | Fairy Tail Wiki | Fandom.

What episode does Lucy fall in love with Natsu?

Episode 50: After the hilarious scenario of Lucy believing Natsu has a crush on her because of Mira’s meddling, she has now become self aware of the fact people mistake her and Natsu as a couple.

Does GREY marry Juvia?

Gray gets transported with his team to Edolas, and meets his and Juvia’s edolas counterparts, who have a son together named Greige. Not long after, during his fight with Hakune, Gray is presented with his own ideal world, in which he’s married to Juvia, and that same son with her.