What does white smoke from the tailpipe indicate?

What does white smoke from the tailpipe indicate?

White Smoke It usually means that coolant is being burned in the engine, which means that something is drastically wrong. The most common cause of this is a blown head gasket, which can quickly lead to an overheating engine.

Is a little white smoke from exhaust bad?

In general, thin white exhaust smoke (similar to water vapor) could be nothing to worry about. Thick white exhaust smoke usually indicates a coolant leak, which could cause overheating and put your engine at a serious risk of damage. If this is the case, call our auto repair shop for an inspection immediately.

Can bad timing cause white smoke?

injector pump timing is the most common cause of white smoke. White smoke will result from incomplete combustion if the fuel delivery is delayed or the pressure is decreased. A worn out timing gear can cause the incorrect timing.

What would cause white smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

Condensation Burn Off. If you notice white smoke coming from your muffler,don’t automatically assume the worst.

  • Cracked Cylinder Head. Whenever your cylinder head is cracked or damaged,coolant will begin to leak out of it.
  • Damaged Coolant Reservoir Tank.
  • Oil Leak.
  • Bad Fuel Injector.
  • Engine Control Unit Error.
  • Cracked Engine Block.
  • What cause white smoke coming out of exhause pipe?

    Causes of White Smoke from the Exhaust Pipe Condensation. The most common reason for white smoke from the exhaust pipe is that it is condensed in the exhaust pipe. Bad EGR Cooler. If your exhaust smoke smells sweet, it’s most likely condensed coolant you are faced with. Bad Head Gasket/Cracked Cylinder Head. Faulty Coolant Container/Tank. Oil Leakage. Faulty Fuel Injectors.

    Why would my car is blowing out white smoke?

    White Smoke From Exhaust: A Color Diagnosis Guide Causes of White Smoke. White Smoke from Exhaust on Startup. Internal Coolant Leaks. Cracked Cylinder Head. Broken Fuel Pumping Injection. Problems From Other Parts. Possible Solutions. Check the coolant levels. Check the Intake Gasket.

    Why does white smoke from exhaust smells like gas?

    Re: Why does white smoke that smell like gas coming from… White smoke is either steam or a huge quantity of unburned fuel, both of which is a potentially serious fault and in the case of petrol or gas can be dangerous, less so with diesel.