What does the rifle represent in the pearl?

What does the rifle represent in the pearl?

First, when Kino discovers the pearl, it is part of Kino’s dream. The dream of the Winchester represents Kino’s unattainable desire for power, freedom, and wealth. Secondly, it appears as the actual rifle used during the manhunt, in which it represents only death, terror, and fear.

What does Kino’s wish in the pearl?

When Juan Tomás asks Kino what he will do with his wealth, Kino details his plans: a proper marriage in the church, new clothing for the family, a harpoon, and a rifle, among other things. Kino’s new boldness amazes Juana, especially when he expresses his desire for Coyotito to be sent to school and educated.

What does Kino say that will make him free?

Kino then says: “My son will read and open the books, and my son will write and will know writing. And my son will make numbers, and these things will make us free because he will know – he will know and through him we will know” (Steinbeck, 13).

What does Kino do to conceal himself from the trackers?

What does Kino do to conceal himself from the trackers? remove his footsteps from the road.

How is irony used in the pearl?

The greatest of ironies in The Pearl is that of situational irony, the discrepancy between what is expected to happen and what actually happens. Here are examples of this irony of situation: When Kino finds the Pearl of the World, he hears “the music of the pearl” and expects his life to improve tremendously.

Why is the rifle important in the pearl?

The Kino who obtains the rifle is a man who has taken the lives of other men. In this way, the rifle is a symbol of catastrophic change in the natural order. It upends Kino’s private life just as it upended the lives of his ancestors when the Spanish arrived.

How is Coyotito’s death ironic?

it is ironic because the tracker thought the cry was a little coyote when Coyotito’s name means little coyote. 6. How is Coyotito’s death revealed? Coyotito’s death is revealed when Kino and Juana walk into town with a small bundle with crusty blood.

What does Kino want for himself and Juana?

He looks into the pearl like a crystal ball and sees a vision of himself and Juana in the church, dressed in fancy clothes, finally getting officially married. Kino also wants to buy a rifle, a harpoon, and some new clothes for the family, but more importantly, he wants to be able to send Coyotito to school.

Why does Kino reject the Pearl in the Pearl?

Kino returns to La Paz with the one possession that he desperately wanted, a rifle, but has lost his child and rejects the pearl. His rejection of the pearl fully demonstrates the horror that the pearl has wrought upon him.

What happens in the final chapter of Kino and Juana?

Kino and Juana approach the gulf, and in the surface of the pearl Kino remembers seeing Coyotito lying in the cave with his head shot away. Kino throws the pearl into the ocean. The final chapter focuses primarily on the hunt for Kino and Juana as they try to escape La Paz and reach the capital so that they can sell the pearl.

How does John Steinbeck illustrate this in the Pearl?

Steinbeck illustrates this through a number of events, such as when Kino attacks the trackers. In this instance, Kino moves from being capable of murder for self-defense to a more cold-blooded killing.