What does TBC mean video game?

What does TBC mean video game?

To be announced (TBA), to be confirmed or continued (TBC), to be determined or decided or declared (TBD), and other variations, are placeholder terms used very broadly in event planning to indicate that although something is scheduled or expected to happen, a particular aspect of that remains to be fixed or set.

What does TBC stand for?

to be confirmed
to be confirmed: used for showing that something has not been decided yet. Synonyms and related words. Written abbreviations.

What does TBC stand for in wow?

Mode(s) Multiplayer. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is the first expansion set for the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

What is TBC in IPL?

TBC means ‘To Be Confirmed’. This means that the teams playing in these matches will be confirmed after the group stage is over.

What does TBC mean in movie ratings?

If a film is labelled TBC, its rating is to be confirmed and we must sell it as an 18 until it is classified. Whilst ratings are aligned to age, please be aware that films rated as suitable for young people can contain material which people of any age might find unpleasant.

What does TBC mean in f1?

Personnel will travel straight to and from Austin, Texas. A to-be-confirmed race (TBC on the schedule) remains on the schedule and has been formally included on November 21, which is expected to take Formula 1 to Qatar’s Losail Circuit for the first time.

What country is TBC?

TBC Bank (Georgian: თიბისი ბანკი) is a Georgian bank headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia….TBC Bank.

TBC headquarters at Marjanishvili avenue, Tbilisi
Founded 1992
Headquarters Tbilisi , Georgia
Area served Georgia Azerbaijan Israel Uzbekistan

What is location TBC?

abbreviation for to be confirmed: used when something has not yet been decided or is not yet known: The meeting till take place on 4 April, venue TBC.

What does TBC mean in Gacha life?

abbreviation for. to be confirmed. ———-

What does TDB mean in cricket?

TBD = To be Decided. TBC = To be confirmed/ To be chosen. TBH = To be Held. TBC or TBD can be used for venue, date, time, or teams. If any one of these is unknown at the time of schedule declaration or at present date, websites uses TBD or TBC for that for a cricket match/series.