What does Shan t mean?

What does Shan t mean?

shall not
Definition of shan’t : shall not.

What is the use of Shan T?

2 Answers. In British English, “shan’t” is used as a denial of permission while “won’t” is just a statement of fact. In American English, “won’t” is used in both cases while “shan’t” is very rarely used. Well, not exactly “fact”.

Is Shan T a proper word?

contraction of shall not.

Is Shan T informal?

Shan’t is a contraction of shall not and is quite formal. More often than not we use won’t as it works in both formal and informal constructions: They won’t listen to me.

Where did the word Shan T originate from?

by 1660s, “colloquial” [OED] contraction of shall not.