What does Maria Elena Salinas do now?

What does Maria Elena Salinas do now?

María Elena Salinas, described as the “Voice of Hispanic America” by the New York Times, is one of the most recognized and influential journalists in the United States. After more than 3 decades as network anchor at Univision, she is now an independent journalist and producer as well as a contributor for CBS News.

What did Maria Elena Salinas study?

Education: She went to community college in Los Angeles for two years where she majored in marketing. After she began working in television, she went back to school to UCLA extension: broadcast journalism.

Does Maria Elena Salinas have kids?

Gabriela Maria
Julia Alexandra
María Elena Salinas/Children

As a child, she lived in Mexico for 7 years. Since 1991, Salinas has lived in Miami with her 2 daughters, Julia Alexandra and Gabriela Maria.

Who was the first Hispanic news anchor?

Jorge Ramos
He has covered five wars, and events ranging from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the War in Afghanistan….Jorge Ramos (news anchor)

Jorge Ramos
Born Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalos March 16, 1958 Mexico City, Mexico
Citizenship American, Mexican
Occupation Journalist, author, activist
Employer Univision

Is Maria Elena Salinas Mexican?

Salinas was born in 1954 to Mexican immigrant parents in Los Angeles, California. She began her career in journalism in 1981 as a reporter for the Spanish-language television station KMEX-34 in Los Angeles.

How old is Maria Salinas?

About 67 years (August 1954)
María Elena Salinas/Age

Who is Eliott Rodriguez wife?

María Elena Salinasm.?–2007
Eliott Rodriguez/Wife
He was married to Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas for 13 years before they divorced in 2007.

What is Maria Elena Salinas birthday?

August 1954 (age 67 years)
María Elena Salinas/Date of birth

Who is Maria Elena Salinas married to?

Eliott Rodriguezm.?–2007
María Elena Salinas/Spouse

What did Elliot Rodriguez do?

Eliott Rodriguez is an Emmy Award winning journalist and respected South Florida news anchor. He is anchor of CBS4 News at 5, 6, 7 and 11 p.m. Eliott’s career has spanned four decades and includes coverage of major news events in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

How old is Elliot Rodriguez?

65 years (June 15, 1956)
Eliott Rodriguez/Age

Who is Maria Elena Salinas and what does she do?

Maria Elena Salinas is not just a normal anchor and reporter but she is a Hispanic Independent female journalist in the United States. Well, this talented and wonderful woman has also interviewed the world’s leading personalities such as the former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and others.

What did Maria Elena Salinas win a Peabody Award for?

Salinas won a 2014 Peabody Award, Walter Cronkite Award and Gracie Award for her news and documentary special “Entre el abandono y el rechazo” (Between Abandonment and Rejection), a prime-time report on the exodus of Central American children to the United States, which judges praised as “balanced and revealing.”

When did Maria Salinas leave Noticiero Univision News?

On Aug.3, 2017, Univision announced that Salinas would be leaving her post as co-anchor of Noticiero Univisión at the end of 2017. In a Facebook post, Salinas said she plans to become an independent news producer and that she was not pushed out.

When did Salinas parents come to the US?

In 2017, Salinas was a commencement speaker in American University and California State University, Fullerton and received an honorary doctorate from American University. Salinas’s parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico in the 1940s.