What does Juana say about the pearl in Chapter 3?

What does Juana say about the pearl in Chapter 3?

As Juana nurses his injury, she declares that the pearl is a sin, that it’s evil, and that it will destroy them if they don’t throw it back into the ocean. Kino, who is busy oscillating between fear and rage, doesn’t listen. The next morning, Kino digs up the pearl and stares at its beauty while listening to its song.

What does Juana say about the pearl during the first night?

At the end of the chapter, the first statement appears that the pearl is evil rather than good. Until now, Kino was thinking only of the good that it could bring, but more evil is happening to him than good. Juana then declares, “This pearl is like a sin!

What does Juana suggest at the beginning of Chapter 6?

Juana suggests that maybe the dealers were right, maybe the pearl is valueless and this has all “been an illusion.” Kino counters that, if this were true, everyone wouldn’t be trying to steal it. He then decides to comfort himself by looking into the pearl and imagining all the things he can buy with his wealth.

What does Juana say about the pearl?

Juana tells Kino that the pearl is evil and will destroy them. She tells him to throw it away or break it, for it will destroy them. Kino says that the pearl is their one chance, and that the next morning they will sell the pearl.

What is the song of evil in the pearl?

The townspeople turn against Kino as greed takes over, and everyone wants the valuable pearl. Kino hears the Song of Evil, and it becomes a metaphor, a comparison, to the scorpion that stings Coyotito. The Song of Evil is the symbol of the family’s destruction and the pain that follows the bite of the scorpion.

Why is the pearl evil?

If the pearl in the final lines of the novel is described as being “grey and ulcerous,” and evil, this is only because it has been made evil by the greed of man. In a sense, the pearl therefore acts as a mirror of the men that yearn for it.

What is Coyotito’s role in the pearl?

Coyotito is the infant son of Juana and Kino in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. When Coyotito is stung by a scorpion, his mother tries to suck out the poison, but wants to take him to a doctor. Coyotito’s death finally convinces Kino to get rid of the evil pearl.

Why does the scorpion fall into Coyotito’s crib?

Why does the scorpion fall into Coyotito’s crib? When Coyotito shakes the rope attached to his basket, the scorpion falls on him and stings his shoulder. Kino then kills the scorpion as Juana attempts to suck the venom from her child’s shoulder.

How does Juana view the Pearl in the Pearl?

In fact, Juana comes to view the pearl as a symbol of evil. As the novella progresses, Juana becomes certain that the limitations, rules, and customs of her society must be upheld. Whereas Kino seeks to transform his existence, Juana believes that their lives will be better if they keep things as they are.

What happens in the Pearl by John Steinbeck?

As the pearl thus becomes the “property” of everyone, everyone begins to turn against Kino. He becomes “every man’s enemy,” and the evil caused by the reports of the pearl is like the scorpion which bit little Coyotito. After giving the town’s reaction, Steinbeck then turns his attention to Kino and his plans for the pearl.

What was the priest’s reaction to the Pearl?

In addition to the general reactions evoked by the discovery of the pearl, Steinbeck gives the various individual reactions. First, the priest wonders if Kino will contribute to the church. The doctor thinks of his past life in Paris and what he could do now with the money.

How does the Pearl affect the town in Pearl buyers?

Each of the pearl buyers thinks of the pearl and wishes that he could get it in order to make a new start in life. In general, the pearl affects the entire town and becomes everyone’s pearl or everyone’s dream of greatness. As the pearl thus becomes the “property” of everyone, everyone begins to turn against Kino.