What does FFF mean on social media?

What does FFF mean on social media?

The most common definition for FFF is Follow For Follow, an acronym that has been around for years that allows social media users to gain more followers.

What does FFF mean in a message?


Acronym Definition
FFFF Fast Floating Fractal Fun
FFFF Flying Fickle Finger of Fate (Laugh-In TV series)
FFFF Friends for Fullerton’s Future (Fullerton, CA)
FFFF Fair, Fat, Female and Forty (typical candidate for diagnosis of hypothyroidism)

How do you reply to FFF?

If you receive a DM requesting a FFF, you can simply reply with a yes or no. It is customary for the person requesting the FFF to follow first.

What is the full form of FFFF?

FFFF. Find them, Feel them, F*** them, and Forget them.

What is a four F?

noun. a U.S. Selective Service classification designating a person considered physically, psychologically, or morally unfit for military duty. a person so classified.

What does St mean on Snapchat?

Summary of Key Points “Something” is the most common definition for ST on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. ST. Definition: Something.

What is the meaning of FF in Instagram?

Follow Friday
FF – Follow Friday. A trend that started out on Twitter and involves giving a shoutout to people that you think deserve more recognition and followers.

What does SS mean on Instagram?

“Selfie Sunday” is the most common definition for #SS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does DT mean on Instagram?

double tap
DT on the social media platform is short for double tap. In the Instagram app, users can “like” a post by tapping it twice, hence DT. This abbreviation is often used as a hashtag, #dt, as a way to encourage others to like one’s post.

What is BBBB?

BBBB. Breathing, Bleeding, Breaks and Burns (first aid)

What does FFFF mean in music?

very loud
ff, standing for fortissimo and meaning “very loud”. ppp (“triple piano”), standing for pianississimo and meaning “very very quiet”. fff (“triple forte”), standing for fortississimo and meaning “very very loud”.

What does fflf stand for?

In a bid to aid liquidity management and deepen the financial system, the CBN introduced two new financial instruments known as – Funding for Liquidity Facility ( FfLF) and Intra-day Facility (IDF), at its window, for access by non-interest financial institutions (NIFIs) under its regulation.

What does F.F.F. stand for?

Definition. F&F. Friends and Family (mobile phones) F&F. Fast and the Furious (movie) F&F. Flavor and Fragrance. F&F. Fast and Furious.

What does fffv stand for?

FFV: Future Fighting Vehicle (US Army) FFV: Firing from Vehicle: FFV: Fire Fighting Vehicle: FFV: Future Family of Vehicles

What does fffz stand for?

FFFZ stands for Film Funk Fernseh Zentrum (German: Film Radio Television Center). FFFZ is defined as Film Funk Fernseh Zentrum (German: Film Radio Television Center) somewhat frequently. Printer friendly